Kinds Of Thermometers

Discover kinds of thermometers! Thermometers ever since their invention have served as very important instruments in both industrial and domestic applications. Determination of a system’s temperature is very imperative in establishing or when one desires to achieve optimal operations.

Very many kinds of thermometers have been invented for various applications which ensure that accurate measurements are achievable. All these have been have been possible through the foundation which had been laid down by Galileo who invented the first thermometer sometime back in 1953 followed by Gabriel Fahrenheit hard work on the same field.
Different kinds of thermometers can be classified depending on the either the application or the type of substance in the thermometer.

Initially, there were two kinds of fluids which were used in making thermometers which led the popularity of two thermometers which were the mercury-filled and the alcohol-filled thermometers. They are still available for variety of applications.
There are different kinds of thermometers which have been developed to suit different environments.

The clinical thermometers
These thermometers are used in different medical institutions to measure patients body temperatures. Most of these thermometers use mercury as the fluid. These kinds of thermometers can also be modified to suit different situations. For instance, the ear thermometers have been coupled with infrared sensors to help in the remote measurements of the eardrum temperature.
Depending on the region whose temperature is to be determined; it can be placed in one’s mouth, underarm etc.
Clinical thermometers can also be used in labs during experiments as they are very accurate and rugged.

The food thermometers
These kinds of thermometers are very necessary where cooking food’s temperature has to be regulated. Their design, material and the fluid contained in the bulb will always depend on the nature of food whose temperature is to be determined. Example of food thermometers include:

– Dial oven-safe thermometers
– Digital instant thermometers
– The disposable thermometer strips

Although all these kinds of thermometers are classified as the food thermometers, their applications vary slightly. For instance, the dial oven-safe can be placed in food while the cooking process is on while the digital instant thermometers can only be used should never be kept in food when the cooking process is still on.

Thermometers can also be classified depending on their principle of operation. The alcohol and mercury thermometers have the same principle of operation. These kinds of thermometers depend on the expansions and contraptions of the bulb after which the fluid rise up the thin glass tube which is calibrated in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Depending on the magnitude of either contraction or expansion, this will be reflected on the calibrated glass tube. On the other hand, there are the digital thermometers. These kinds of thermometers use either thermistors or thermocouples to detect any slight change in temperatures. These are converted to voltages which are observed on the digital display.

These are just a few examples of thermometers however, with the technology advancement; most industries apply remote temperature measurement techniques which have also proved to be a success.