Kinds Of Toothpaste

Read about kinds os toothpaste out there. Avoiding toothache or any other tooth related illness is very simple – choose the correct kinds of toothpaste for daily use. Toothpaste helps in keeping the tooth stronger, whiter besides ensuring no stale smell comes from the mouth (it guarantees fresh mouth). Brushing your teeth using the best brand of toothpaste is always a surety of confidence amongst other people.

As much as various kinds of toothpaste can be classified according to the existing brands, it is very impossible to effectively exhaust all of them in this article. In the world today, there over 1000 brands of toothpastes. In this article, we’ll look at the following kinds of toothpaste; the desensitizing toothpastes, the anti-calculus toothpastes, the fluoride toothpastes, the anti-plaque toothpastes and the whitening toothpastes. This kind of classification is based on the specific action of the toothpaste on the teeth. Moreover, it indicates the different kinds of components used to make these kinds of toothpaste.

The fluoride toothpaste
This one of the most commonly used kinds of toothpaste across the globe. Other than keeping the mouth fresh, they prevent tooth decay which may be as a result of the kinds of foods eaten such as sweets or drinking water. The chemicals used to make this tooth paste include the sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride and nano-flourophosphate. The amount of fluoride present varies from toothpaste to toothpaste however; it’s advisable to go for those kinds of toothpaste with about 1000ppm for adults and 50 ppm for kids.

The desensitizing toothpaste
Teeth in which the nerve endings are exposed to the external environment are normality sensitive to environmental changes thus causing toothache. For instance, they will always ache when exposed to very cold environments. These kinds of toothpaste interrupt the neurone which transmits the signal to the brain resulting to some sort of relief. They are made of minerals such as potassium nitrate.

The whitening toothpaste
Stained teeth are some of the most annoying and very common among adults and children in various parts of the world. A good example is in Kenya; around Naruru town where for every ten people you encounter at least one has stained teeth/ tooth.
These kinds of toothpaste help whiten the teeth by polishing the surface of the teeth. They do not contain any bleaching agent. They are made using abrasive substances which remove the teeth surfaces which are either brown or dark resulting to a whitening effect.

Although they’ve proved to do this effectively, the only worrying issue is their long term effects on the teeth surface.

The anti-plaque toothpaste
These kinds of toothpaste are very essential in preventing various kinds of bacterial infections. This helps a great deal in reducing chances of having gum disease. They are made of zinc citrate.
The last kind of toothpaste is the anti-calculus toothpastes which are made of zinc citrate and pyrophosphate .They retard the formation of calculus in on the teeth.

Before choosing on any toothpaste to use, it’s advisable to seek advice from a dentist as some toothpastes may have serious effects on the gums.