Kinds Of Trees In Australia

There are several kinds of trees in australia and here, some of them are explained:

1. Gum Trees;

This includes Eucalyptus, Angophora and Corymbia. These three kinds of trees in australia are very similar in appearance and there are more than 700 known species of these trees in Australia and they are found in nearly all the Australian slopes. The most common eucalyptus tree found in Australia is the Corymbia (Eucaluptus E. Emaculata) which can be easily identified by its sported trunk.

All Australian eucalyptus has damages on their leaves caused by insects feeding on them. The trees actually look better with these spots so they are considered a beauty.

2. Wattle Trees:

Australia has more than 800 species of wattle trees. There are very diverse and are found in almost all climate regions. Most Australians pay attention to wattle trees only when they flower. Australians chose the wattle tree flowers for their emblem because the wattle trees grow in all the parts of the continent. Some of the wattle trees found in Australia are: Harrow Wattle, Sandpaper Wattle, Fringed Wattle, Clay Wattle, Knob thorn Acacia, Weeping Mayall, Golden Wattle and Dead Finish.

3. Red Ash:

This kind of tree in Australia offers a lot of benefits to people. It is valuable as an ornamental tree as well as for food as some of its species are edible.

4. Black Apple:

This type of tree is mostly found in fertile soil of the rain forests in Australia. They can grow up to 30m in height and in summer the fruits of these trees are ripe and they are found on the ground.

5. Black Bean Tree:

This is a kind of tree in Australia that naturally loves to grow along the river banks or close to water sources. Some farmers have grown the tree in plantations as they produce very valuable timber.

6. Black Plum:

This tree is found along the borders of tropical rain forests.

7. White Bolly Gum:

This kind of tree in Australia normally grows up to 10m in height and is found growing under other trees in the rain forests.

8. Green Bolly Gum:

This tree grows the same way as White bolly gum and they are of the same size.

9. Blue Quandong:

This tree is found in subtropical parts of Australia and they can grow up to 40m tall.

10. Blue Berry Ash:

Depending on the conditions it grows up in, this tree has avery beautiful appearance and grows to a height of about 20m. They are found along the eastern coast of Australia.

11. Bleeding Heart Tree:

This is a native tree that grows as high as 6m but sometimes grows taller. It chooses to grow in the wet parts of the rain forests.

12. Black Walnut:

These trees are very good to look at and grow as tall as 20m.

There are many more kinds of trees in Australia like: Hairy Lolly bush, Jackwood, Kamala Red, Mallet Wood, Maidens Blush, Macaranga, Native Guava, Milk Bush, Native olive, Kangaroo apple and many more.