Kinds Of Trees With Pictures

Several kinds of trees with pictures get to see on the internet as well as in many study books. Let’s take a look on few of those major types of trees.

Trees Facts

– Trees helps to moderate temperature improves poor quality of air condition

– Provides shade, beauty and protection from unfavorable winds

– Controls soil erosion

– Acts as wind breaker to buildings, walks and driveways prone to stormy winds

There are two main kinds of trees with pictures you can easily find in the internet for better appreciation;

Deciduous Trees

They are hardwood tress and also known as angiosperms or broadleaf. These kinds of trees shade their leaves during autumn; period of dry or cold weather. The branches remain leafless until a favorable condition improves. Despite fallen leaves and bare trees for most time of the year, majority of the people finds these kinds of trees attractive, and appreciate their usefulness as they provide wood for;

– Fire

– Building

– Sculpting

– Not only do they provide wood but also as part of landscaping

Here are other kinds of trees with pictures you can use for illustration are the following:

Oak Trees

These are the kinds of trees with pictures that you can see from the internet comprise of hundred species. They create great shade and a number of them have variety of colors and that’s why it is being preferred as landscaping tree.

Elm Trees

There are two types of elm tree; America elm tree which is furrowed and gray and Lace Bark elm has a scaly bark that more brownish when young and later turns to a combination of green, crimson and orange when mature. Its broad, large canopy and interweaved drooping leaves elegantly covers the streets of major cities, towns and landscapes.

Maple Trees

Their opposite branching habitat, leaf shape and a fruit called samaras, makes maple trees easy to identify. During the peak of the growing season, they can be known through their leaves. There are at least 100 species of the kinds of trees with 14 of them are indigenous to USA. There are also four species producing sugar maple sap which is used to produce maple syrup;

– Hard/sugar maple

– Red/soft maple

– Silver/soft maple

– Boxelder/Manitoba maple.

Coniferous Trees

These kinds of trees with pictures found in books and other prints are also referred as gymnosperms, evergreens, softwood. They have distinctive features such as:

– Produce seeds without nuts or fruits

– They bear seeds in cines

– They have needle like leaves

– Keep the leaves in winter

Pine Trees

They typically do well in a poor but well drained soil, mostly sandy soils. They thrive under sunlight and in exposed places. They are the most varied and spread everywhere in North America.

Firs Trees

The elegant white tree has light colored bark, silver blue green and narrow red brown needles, 3-6 inches paired cones. They are resistant to drought and tolerate most of the soil types. They are used as a quick screen in most landscapes. Mature at a height of 60`-100` spread of twenty-fifty inches.

Cedar Trees

These are large and evergreen kinds of trees with pictures you can grab from the web are from the family of cupressaceous. They found in forest places experiencing high amount of rainfall and prefers moist soil with limestone beneath. Cedar has a very pleasant smell originating from natural oils in wood which is toxic to insects and fungus.

Uses of Cedar trees during the native times;

– Were used by natives to design canoes and boats

– The woods were used to make weapons, boxes and bowls and baskets

– Their bark were used to make blankets, costumes and capes

– Were good source of fuel.

– In modern world; Cedar trees are used to make pencils and are also great addition to landscape.