Kinds Of Triangles According To Sides

In geometry, a triangle is a basic, two-dimensional figure with three sides and three interior angles which, when added, would give a total of exactly a hundred and eighty degrees (180). There are three kinds of triangles according to sides; triangles may also be classified according to the measurement of their angles, and they can also be categorized according to a combination of both sides and angles. You will be encountering each and every one of them in this short and informative article.

Many everyday objects take the shape of a triangle, such as a slice of pizza, a billiard ball rack, a Dorrito. Notice that while these figures have three line segments and are exactly the way a triangle should be, they still have certain distinct characteristics that make them different from one another. This short article will help demonstrate and illustrate the differences of kinds of triangles according to sides. You will also find some useful information on triangles according to their angles, and also according to both.

Kinds of Triangles According to Sides

– The Equilateral Triangle

The first of three kinds of triangles according to sides is the equilateral triangle. This geometric shape has three sides of equal length or measure, and three equal angles of sixty degrees each. The equality among its sides and angles is called ‘congruence’, and makes it a perfect shape.

– The Isosceles Triangle

The second of the kinds of triangles according to sides would be the isosceles triangle. This shape features two out of three sides with equal measures, as well as two angles of the same degree.

– The Scalene Triangle

Perhaps the triangle with the most unique look out of the three kinds of triangles according to sides, the scalene triangle has sides and angles of different measures. This triangle has no congruent sides, and does not have any identical angles.

According to Angles

– Right Triangle

The right angle can easily be identified due to it having two line segments that cross one another at a clean angle of ninety degrees. Once you find two perpendicular lines within this three-sided shape, that makes it a right triangle.

– Obtuse Triangle

The obtuse triangle features an obtuse angle, or an angle which has a measurement that happens to be larger than ninety degrees. These triangles are often characterized by a skinny, tilted appearance, but one can never be sure of a triangle’s angles until they have been thoroughly measured.

– The Acute Triangle

In an acute triangle, all three angles are less than ninety degrees each.

According to Sides and Angles

– The Right Isosceles Triangle

This triangle features one right angle (ninety degrees) and two equal sides.

– The Obtuse Isosceles Triangle

If a triangle features one obtuse angle and two sides with equal measurements, we call that an obtuse isosceles triangle.

– The Acute Scalene Triangle

The acute scalene triangle has three sides of different measurements and features only acute angles.

These are some important kinds of triangles according to side. All types should be understood to get complete knowledge regarding the same.