Kinds Of Trucks

There are so many kinds of trucks used for different purposes. Below are some of the most common ones we see around us.

Tow Trucks
These kinds of trucks are called different names: breakdown lorry, recovery truck, breakdown truck, a wrecker, etc. They are used to retrieve cars with mechanical faults and not able to move on their own due to collisions or breakdowns.  They are equally used to tow cars that have been impounded.

The Plow
The ploy is used to carry a device used in removing ice or snow from airfields, streets, and other places. There are blades attached to the plow which pushes snow or ice out of the way.  The first kinds of trucks in this category were made with wood which are strapped and carried by horses.  However, this changed in 1923 when Hans and Evans, two Norwegians, initiated the first construction of snows that were used by cars.

The Fire Engines
These kinds of trucks are specially designed for emergency use during fire outbreak. They convey firefighters to the fire scene and the water needed to put off the fire.  The present day fire engine is a multi-purpose truck that is well equipped with firefighting gadgets and fire fighting men for the extinguishment of different levels of fire.

The Monster Truck
This is very common in the U.S. today. They are enhanced pick-up trucks with huge suspension and large wheels. Their remote ignition interrupter (RII) of the truck helps the driver easily prevent accidents on the event of the vehicle getting out of control.

Dump Trucks
These kinds of trucks are primarily used for conveying loose materials like dirt, gravel, or sand, for building and construction works. They usually carry open-box beds fixed at their backs. This is necessary in case the truck wants o offload the contents it is carrying. In this situation, it can bend the box backwards through a mechanical process, and allows the contents to be deposited before restoring the box to its former position.

Food Trucks
This is also known as a mobile canteen, a roach coach, or a mobile kitchen.  These days, these kinds of trucks are increasingly becoming popular because of the patronization of enthusiastic eaters who regard them as a convenient eating option.  They are basically used to sell foods. Some are mainly focused on selling pre-packed products, frozen foods or ice cream.  Others are specialized in specific meals such as break truck, snack truck, lunch wagon, lunch truck, and breakfast truck.

Box Truck
These kinds of trucks are equally called box vans, straight trucks, cube trucks, or cube vans. They have detached boxes that are shaped like a cube. They are primarily used to convey large boxes, furniture, or appliances. These trucks come in a variety of sizes.

Garbage Trucks
These are utilized in the transportation of trash, which are then conveyed to waste treatment facilities. They are used in urban areas and are widely known as dump trucks or trash trucks.

Beverage Truck
These are utilized mostly by soft drink companies. Usually, these trucks contain racks used in carrying the drinks for distribution.