Kinds Of Tumors On The Brain

Tumors on the brain do not necessarily mean a cancerous growth or aggressive, there are many different kinds of tumors on the brain that are benign and may not harm the surrounding tissues or have any serious impact on your life. For those who develop cold feet when they hear the word brain tumor, it basically means a mass of tissues that is formed due to accrual of abnormal cells in specific parts of the body. Normal cell tissues are supposed to develop, die and get replaced with new ones, however, sometimes this cycle gets disrupted and does not let the tissues die due to which these tissues start accumulating and more and more tissue gets accrued that becomes tumors. Some of these kinds of tumors on the brain are cancerous and malignant while others are totally harmless.

Let us take a brief look at the different kinds of tumors on the brain and how they affect your life.


These are by far the most common kinds of tumors on the brain with more than 50% people suffering with brain tumor being detected with Gliomas. These tumors begin in the glial cells and are malignant most of the times. The common signs of this tumor are headaches, nausea, vomiting and seizures. The best known treatments for Gliomas are radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery


These kinds of tumors on the brain arise from the meninges, which are membranous layers that surround the nervous system. They comprise of roughly about 21% of the tumors on the brain and are mostly benign. However, there are very few known exceptions to the benign nature of these tumors. There are no signs that help in detecting these tumors and may not require any treatment due to its benign nature.

Pituitary Adenoma

Pituitary Adenoma is a non cancerous tumor that arises from the pituitary glands. This benign tumor is usually undetected in patients as it is harmless and causes no damage. If diagnosed, they are usually accidental and are hence known as incindentalomas. They make up about 15% of the kinds of tumors on the brain.

Nerve Sheath Tumor

The Nerve Sheath Tumor constitutes about 8% of the different kinds of tumors on the brain. This tumor arises in the nervous system and is sub-divided in to two different categories; The Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor, which is a benign growth and the Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor, which is a cancerous growth in the nervous system.

Tumors are widely misunderstood because the fact is all of them are not malignant. The best option is to conduct regular checkups that can highlight any growth – benign or malignant in your brain. This will ensure you are in control of any situation that can get worse with time and be life threatening. There aren’t any external factors that trigger tumors on the brain; however, some of them are genetic factors that influence the spread of tumors. All said and done, it is best to consult a certified professional in case of a doubt.