Kinds Of Viruses And Bacteria

There are many kinds of viruses and bacteria. There are those that are useful for a healthy live but there are those that can bring harm to us. Here is a list of the kinds of viruses and bacteria that are harmful to or=ur bodies.


These are microorganisms that consist of just one cell. They reproduce through the process of dividing itself. They exist in many places including inside out bodies. Some of them are very useful in the body while others are neither useful nor harmless while others are completely harmful.

Kinds Of Bacteria:

1. Colstirdium Tetani:

This is the bacteria that are known to cause tetanus. They enter the body trough open wounds. It has a serious effect on the central nervous system.

2. Bacillus Anthracis:

This is a bacteria that causes an highly infectious disease in animals called Anthrax. These bacteria can get to people though it is manageable with people because the bacteria are not communicable.

3. Vibrio Cholerae :

This is a deadly bacteria that causes acute stomach infection called cholera. This bacteria is normally carried by contaminated drinks and food.

4. Tubercle bacilli:

This is the bacteria that cause serious illness called tuberculosis in the body when inhaled or ingested. They normally affect mostly the lungs but they can affect any part of the human body.

5. Treponema pallida:

They are known to be transmitted through sex and they cause acute venereal diseases.

6. Bacterium Salmonella:

This kind of harmful bacteria is normally eaten with food and water. It causes inflammation in the stomach, called typhoid, which when not treated, they can be fatal.

Kinds Of Viruses:

Viruses are microorganisms that are known for their corrupting way of reproducing. They can not reproduce on their own so they have to invade the host and take over the functioning of vital parts in order for them to reproduce.

1. Influenza:

This is a highly contagious diseases caused by influenza virus. It causes the body temperature to rise which can be fatal if not treated fast.

2. Herpes vericella zoster:

This is the kind of virus that causes chickenpox. They cause a lot of rushes to appear in the whole of the body.

3. Polio:

This virus causes inflammation of the nerve ending causing damage to the nervous system.

4. Rabies:

This is another viral disease that affects the nervous system and can be very dangerous if not treated before the virus reaches the brain.

5. AIDS:

These are viruses that that are very fatal because they weaken the immune system of the body increasing the chances for other infections. They are normally transmitted trough sex.

6. Black Death:

This was a viral disease in the past that killed almost half of the people in the Western part of Europe.

7. Flavivirus:

This is the virus that causes the yellow fever and they are transmitted through the mosquito.

8. Ebola:

This is a kind of virus that causes fatal illness in all primates (humans and monkeys). It causes high fever and fatal internal bleeding. These viruses easily spread from one person to another.

There are many more different kinds of bacteria and viruses.