Kinds Of Volcanoes In The Philippines

There are about 37 volcanic sites in the Philippines. 18 of these are still erupting. Discussed here are the details of the kinds of volcanoes in the philippines:

1. Cinder Cones Volcanoes:

These are the least complex type of volcano that is there. They are made up of lava ash that is blown to the air and then get deposited and with time, they form cinder Cones Volcanic mountains. They normally do not rise above 1000m above the sea level.

This kind of volcanoes in the Philippines is Mayon Volcano is an active volcano mountain in the province called Albay. It is about 2,462m above the sea level.

2. Composite Volcanoes:

Composite Volcanoes are made up of several levels of frozen lava flows varied with the layers of sand and volcanic rocks called residue or the ash of volcano. They are sometimes called Strato Volcanoes. With all the materials blowing up and depositing themselves on top of the land surface, they can build up to thousands of feet tall. Here are the kinds of volcanoes in Philippines that are categorized as Composite volcanoes:

1. Mayon volcanic mountain which is still an active volcano and a very popular tourist attraction site in Philippines. It covers an area of 250 sq. Km and is over 2400m above the sea level.

2. Mount Pinatubo

3. Mount Bulusan is made up of individual domes. It covers an area of 400sq. Km and has risen to 1600m above the sea level.

4. Mount Talinis is a mountain which stands at 1900m above the sea level. It is located in Negros Oriental.

5. Mount Malindig is a potentially active strato mountain. It is located in Beunavista in Philippines. Malindig rises 1000m above the sea level and the government of Philippines has declared this place as protected area.

6. Mount Arayat is a strato volcanic which has never been known to erupt in the last few hundreds of years. It is 1,026m above the sea level.

7. Mount Hibok-Hibok is an active strato volcanic mountain which has an elevation of 1,332m above the sea level. First recorded eruption was in 1827.

8. Bubuyon Claro which has an elevation of 843m above the sea level and a diameter of 920m. This mountain has erupted only four times in history which are 1831, 1860, 1913 and 1917.

3. Shield Volcanoes:

They are called shield volcanoes because they look like a shield when viewed from above. The lava that comes from this kind of mountain is thin and they are prone to travel for long distances. These volcanoes can build up over the years to form mountains. They sometimes explode when erupting.

Shield Volcanoes in Philippines are:

a) Biliran

b) Iraya

c) Kanlaon

d) Mareveles

4. Lava Domes:

They are normally made up of lava with high viscosity so that they do not travel far. As the lava piles up, they will look like domes because they cool there. They sometimes blast of violently spraying hot rocks and ash everywhere.

The kinds of volcanoes in Philippines that are Lava Domes are:


Musuan Peak