Kinds Of Wedding Flowers

The different kinds of wedding flowers are rife with symbolism. In fact, many specialists are hired to determine the appropriate flowers to use for a certain occasion. Weddings are big events that require all the grandest things, and so care must be taken when choosing the kinds of wedding flowers to use in bouquets and table settings. Different flower types represent different meanings. Here are the common wedding flowers we encounter regularly.

A good flower for adorning the aisle and the pillars of the reception area is the Bird of Paradise. These colourful kinds of wedding flowers represent the joyfulness of the bride and groom’s families at the union. These flowers are also symbols of magnificence.

Calla Lily is a good flower for wedding because it symbolizes loveliness and grandeur. Some calla lily varieties are more expensive than others because of this symbolism. White calla lilies are the kinds of wedding flowers that look good on the altar because they symbolize purity of intentions. The creamy white of calla lilies would look great on the wedding bouquet as they make the white of the bridal gown shine more brightly.

Carnation has many types, each symbolizing different emotions and values. Love and adoration are symbolized by the red carnation, while a pink carnation may be a symbol for eternal love of the bride for the groom. White carnations are good for corsages on the secondary sponsors because of their meaning, which is innocence. Carnations are also good for spreading all over the floor where the bride and groom would walk after the vows have been said.

Chrysanthemums are the kinds of wedding flowers that would look great on the wedding car because they symbolize loyalty and longevity. They are also great for varying the colors on any bouquet, whether the one that the bride will carry or the small ones for the flower girl or maid of honor. Daffodils are good as boutonnieres for the groomsmen because they are symbols of chivalry and gallantry.

Daisies are the kinds of wedding flowers that convey innocence and purity, making them ideal as main bouquet flowers for bridesmaids and flower girls. Bridesmaids and flower girls are the bride’s next in line, which means they should be the epitome of innocent beauty. These flowers would convey that impression. Along with daisies, freesia flowers can also be used for the same purpose because they are symbols of innocence.

Gerbera flowers resemble daisies, with slight variations. They look good along with other flowers on the wedding reception VIP tables. Gerbera is a flower that symbolizes joy and cheer. Along with this flower, the kinds of wedding flowers on reception tables should be small enough to fit in a tiny vase. Gerbera can be very bright, making it easy for this flower to overshadow all others. Some experts would say fern leaves are good enough as companions of gerbera flowers in a floral arrangement.

Hydrangeas are good as buffet table centrepieces because they convey overwhelming emotion. They are also the kinds of wedding flowers that best symbolize gratitude.