Kinds Of Weed Pipes

Marijuana, a common name for the Cannabis weed is a recreational drug that is consumed for its physiological and psychoactive affects. There are different kinds of weed pipes, also known as marijuana bowls that can be used to smoke cannabis. Weed is mostly used for its recreational properties that lead to a state of euphoria and relaxation however in some capacity it is also used a medication to handle various problems like stress control, vomiting, nausea, and stimulation of hunger and as a pain reliever. However more than the medical purpose, marijuana has been completely used for as a recreational drug and is banned in several countries. The best way to consume marijuana is in the form of dried leaves of the cannabis plant and is often termed as pot, weed or maryjane. It is usually smoked by in the form of handmade cigarettes that are rolled in special rolling paper. However, there are other forms to smoke pot and that is in the form of bongs or pipes.

Let us take a quick look at some of the common kinds of weed pipes used by people to smoke weed.

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes and bongs are the most common and preferred way to smoke weed. They are available in different shapes, sizes and colors and the best way to buy them is online as the selection is wide. These kinds of weed pipes are used to smoke pot, cannabis, weed and ganja. At the bottom of the glass weed pipe or bong, the weed is burned and the smoke that comes out through the mouth piece of the pipe is supposed to be inhaled. This smoke gives the required high and a stoic state of mind. There are shops that can custom make a special glass bong for you, you can choose from plain glass or different vibrant colors and designs. The good thing about glass pipes is the glass doesn’t get hot due to its elemental nature

Wooden Pipes

Wooden pipes have been used since olden times to smoke tobacco; however, they can be used to smoke pot too. These kinds of weed pipes are perfect to get an earthy and natural pot smoking experience. These pipes are available in carved designs with a smooth finish. Some of the pipes have a brass or metal mouthpiece and bottom for a designer touch.

Acrylic Pipes

There are a lot of fancy and colorful acrylic pipes that are available in the market in various designs and vivid colors. These acrylic pipes are preferred by women due to their exciting and colorful looks.

Metal Pipes

Metal Pipes have some exciting designs to choose from due to the ability to mould metal in any shape. These kinds of weed pipes are also known as chamber pipes. The other variety in metal pipes is the metal water pipes that look similar to Mediterranean Hookah pipes. They don’t look like a regular weed pipes and can be easily mistaken for an antique item. This is one among the several other mostly used kinds of weed pipes.