Kinds Of Weed To Smoke

Most people do not know that there are many different kinds of weed to smoke. The various kinds of weed to smoke can be astonishing. There are two main categories of kinds of weed to smoke they are Indica and Satvia. Under the two main strains there are more kinds of weed to smoke. There are also hybrid varieties which one can find. When it comes to smoking weed it is generally illegal in most parts of the world. It may be medically permitted for some. So if one does desire to use the kinds of weed to smoke then they must be careful of the physical effects as well as the legalities.

Here are the popular strains and sub strains of kinds of weed to smoke that one should understand:


This strain of marijuana grows in short, but wide spread, bush form. The buzz that one can get from this strain is more of a relaxant than the other strains. This strain is generally prescribed as relaxants. Some sub strains are-

– The Afghan weed is grown in Holland but originates from Afghanistan. It produces more buds than leaves. The high one can get from this sub strain is strong narcotic high.

– The Amsterdam gold had been developed in California but is now grown in Holland now. The plant is easy to grow. The high one can get from this weed is a smooth relaxing high.

– Black Jack is one of the most preferred sub strains because of the smooth yet strong high that it offers.


This strain has taller plants compared to the indica. The buzz that the strain offers is different from that of indica. Unlike the relaxing effect of indica the satvia can offer an energetic boost. A few of the popular sub strains are-

– The purple haze is famous for its striking coloration as well as for its elating high. The hit is very potent and is quite lasting.

– Bob Marley was well known for his love for weed so it is no wonder that a sub strain is named after him. The high is known to be smooth but potent.


There are many hybrid varieties of weed that one can find. The hybrids can be cross of the two strains or can be cross of sub strains. Here are a few examples-

– The California orange bud is the best example of a hybrid since it has 50% indica and 50% satvia strain mixed in it. The weed offers a citrus flavor and a clear high.

– Flo is best grown in greenhouses. They have 60% satvia and 40% indica strain in it. The high that one gets is quite unique since it can cause hallucinations that can be motivational and spiritual.

There are many more kinds of weed to smoke like the Hawaiian, Early Skunk, Durban Poison, Mauwie Wauwie, White Queen and Big Bud. Irrespective of which kind of weed one is planning to smoke be sure to do it safely and legally.