Kinds Of Whales

What are the different kinds of whales that you must know?

Whales are known as one of the mammals that live under the ocean. They are huge creature that comes from different kind of group or species. They are also known as cetaceans. Despite their massive size only few of their species are dangerous to be with. There are so many kinds of whales and they breathe through the big hole at their back where they disperse the water that they have accumulated for a period of time. All the whale species are categorized in two groups, the toothed whale or also known as Odontoceti and the baleen whale also known as Mysteceti. There is approximately 35 species of whales.

Below are famous kinds of whales:

Beaked whales are known the largest toothed whale group. It includes 19 out of the 35 whale species. They are also called Mesoplodons because their teeth structured in the middle of their jaws. Andrew’s, Hubb’s and beaked whales with sharp tooth are some of the species that is under this group of whales. It also includes Shepard’s, Arnoux’s, Baird’s and beaked whales of Cuvier. All of the kind of whale under this group is having beaks that are prominent.

Sperm and White Whales are among kinds of whales that can grow massively up to 60 feet long and can be as heavy as 45 tons. While whale known as the’dwarf sperm’ stands for its name only grows 8 feet long and 600 lbs in weight and the whale known as pygmy sperm will grow up to eleven feet and can weigh 890 lbs which are small compared to other whale. Belugas also belong to this group of whale which grows 16 feet in length and weighing 3,300 lbs. While the Narwhals grow 15 feet and weigh 3,500 pounds. Narwhal’s whale has protruded mouth because their long tooth that looks like a tusk.

Right Whales are one among the many kinds of whales a baleen group of whales with involves four species. The smallest right whale is the pygmy right whale it can only grow up to a 20 feet in length and can weigh up to 5 tons. The northern right whale can grow up to 55 feet and can weigh up to 25 tons. It is also the size that the southern right whale can achieve. These two right whale kinds only differ on their place where they live and survived. The largest of the right whales is the bowhead whale which can grow up to 60 feet long and can weigh 60 tons.

The Gray whales and Rorquals are one among kinds of whales that belongs to baleen whale group. Rorquals whales have rigged pleats in the skin of their throats which is the origin of its name. The largest of all the whale species which is the blue whale belongs to the rorquals group. It has a length that can each up to 100 feet and can excessively weigh up to 100 tons. Minke, sei and fin are also types of whales that are closely related to the blue whale. Humpback whale also belongs to this group of whales. Gray whales also belong to this group of whales and it can grow up to 60 feet.