Kinds Of White Flowers

White color shows peace and purity, white flowers look amazing in the flower garden. It adds color and variety among different vibrant colored flowers. White flowers symbolized innocence, peace, purity, virginity and heaven. White colored flowers are used for different purposes in different cultures. In a western culture, it is a color of happiness and used for weddings and celebrations while, in eastern culture, white flowers represents sorrow, mourn or death. There are different kinds of white flowers, which are used on different occasions. Here are some of them briefly.

White Rose:
White roses are one of the most beautiful kinds of white flowers, which symbolized virginity and innocence. These are used for brides in the western weddings to show the purity and pure love. White rose looks stunning in wedding decors. It is among the girl’s favorite flower.

White Lily:
White lilies are not considered as ordinary kinds of white flowers, in-fact it is a symbol of majesty and purity. There are different myths about this kind of white flower. Some people say that white lilies were innate from Eve’s tear drop when she was leaving the Garden of Eden. While, some people believes that it were born from the sweat drop of Jesus when he was praying in a garden of Ghetsmani. White lily with a stem looks magnificent when gifted to someone.

White Orchid:
White orchid is among those kinds of white flowers which along with purity it also represents beauty and care. When you gift someone a bouquet of white orchid it says itself “I care about you” or “I miss you”. Orchids are delicate in nature and represents fine beauty.

White Tulips:
White tulip represents elegance and simplicity. It is among those kinds of white flowers, which are not too glitzy and showy, it is very sweet and simple and usually used for seeking forgiveness. White tulips look beautiful and fresh and convey the exact message to the receiver in a very nice and simple way.

These are the sexiest kinds of white flowers. It shows sensuality, attachment and affection. When you gift someone a bunch of jasmine flowers it delivers the message of affection and attachment to the receiver. In some countries, it is also used in weddings and courtships.

White Daisies:
White daisy is very interested kind of white flower. People remember this kind of flower for their favorite game “He loves me, He loves me not”. This flower is commonly used to identify whether your loved one loves you back or refuse. Apart from it White Daisies are very classic, fresh and beautiful flowers.  It grows in the sun also but need water in hot summer season. It attracts butterflies, bees and birds. It passes the message of secrecy, loyalty and promise.

These are some of the famous kinds of white flowers used for different purposes, and each represents a different kind of feelings. Apart from the above discussed kinds of white flowers, there are several other white flowers including Camellia, Gladiolus, Hydrangea, Calla lily, daffodils and many more.