Kinds Of Writing For Kids

Generally, when kids come home with an assignment, it is not only important to ask for the topic to write but it is also important to know what kind of writing has been assigned for them to write. The kinds of writing for kids have been classified into four general types.

Four kinds of writing for kids:

Narrative Writing:

This is a kind of writing which would be used for telling a story. Despite not being a commonly used form of writing, when a child is asked to write a personal essay with the topics similar to ‘What Did I do during summer vacation?’, then this kind of writing comes into play. The narrative writing would also be used in the fictional stories and plays. This kind of writing can also be used to plot the summarizations of any story that the kids have read already as well as the stories that the kids are intending to write. Typically, these kinds of writing would be making use of the first person, ‘I’.

Descriptive Writing:

This kind of writing would be used generally for creating the vivid picture of any idea, person or location. The descriptive writing is more or less like painting by using words. This kind of writing would be focusing on only one subject and would make use of the specific details for describing the subject of interest for the kids to write upon. In order to get a clear picture about this writing type, one could take an example of the favorite trip of the child. In order to describe about the favorite trip, the writing has to quote the name of the place and mode of travel at the first point. In addition to these points, the writing should contain the description about the sensation about being on the travel and also should explain what special experience would make the child to get reminded about it.

Expository Writing:

This is a type of writing in which the writing would be to the point or factual. In this kind of writing, one could be to write about the definitions, instructions and directions. This would also involve the writing about the comparisons as well as clarifications. The expository writing is generally devoid of describing about the details of the subject and also opinions. Expository writing is considered as the best among several other kinds of writing for kids.

Persuasive Writing:

This is the most sophisticated form of writing which would be introduced to the children during their fourth grade of study. This is more of a debate in the field of writing. The common idea behind this type of writing is that the persuasive writing would be used in expressing an opinion or in taking a stance about any subject. Then, the writer would start to support the opinions that were put forward thereby finding the way to convince the readers in order to make them too for seeing the subject in the same way as the writer. This kind of writing would mostly take the form of an essay which would contain a description of another point of view. The writer would make use of the facts or statistics in order to disprove those views.

There can be some added types into these kinds of writing for kids.