Kinds Of Writing In English

English language has got glowing history. This language gets used worldwide to carry out several kinds of businesses. There are total seven major kinds of writing in english viz. academic writing, professional writing, business writing, journalistic writing, copywriting, fiction/non-fiction book writing, and poetry.

Above stated kinds of writing in english are used for the business purpose. There can be fundamental types of writing. These fundamental types work on showing-off the art of writing without keeping any intention or purpose behind written material.

Kinds of writing in english:

1) Creative writing:

Creative writing can be explained as an indistinct term that reflects creativity of the write. This type of writing covers wide area in writing ranging from poetry, biography, drama, comedy and many others. Creativity is the only thing that matters in case of creative writing. Writer need to have artistic and innovative mind to produce readable and interesting material for the readers. As compared to other kinds of writing in english creative writing is little tough and demanding task.

2) Descriptive writing:

In this type of writing, writer describes something to the readers. It may be the product description or review given for the product. Writer needs to explain targeted material in creative manner. However, descriptive writing could also include writing negative thoughts about something. Anyone can write about their own experience with something. When a writer provides in-depth information related to something then that type of writing is called as descriptive writing. Large amount of study is needed to become versatile descriptive writer. Writer should possess the skills of researching to become a descriptive writer.

3) Persuasive writing:

This type of writing gets to see into the scripts written for the debates. In persuasive writing, writer needs to carry out arguments against or for an issue. It takes lot of efforts to become successful persuasive writer. As compared to other kinds of writing in english persuasive writing needs extra dedication, efforts and the hard work.

4) Expository writing:

Many notice boards, terms and conditions menu, and other write ups that include the instructions come under the category of expository writing. Writing instructions for the readers or providing someone information on what to do and what not to do includes the skills of expository writing. Writer who works on expository writing assignments needs to possess strong command over the English language. Writer should provide instructions into friendly manner so that everyone could follow those instructions.

5) Narrative writing:

People like reading story books. Writer who tells a story is called as narrator. Thus, the name is given as narrative writing. This category includes two major subcategories that are given below.

a) Fiction writing

b) Non-fiction writing

Narrative writing needs good command over the English language in order to tell a story in effective manner. As compared to the other kinds of writing in english narrative writing is considered as the one that needs good knowledge of the history or ancient stories. The type of story could contain the age group also. Some stories target children audience while some stories target adult audience.