Kinds Of Writing Styles

There are four different kinds of writing styles that are very important to all the writers as their writing gets intense. Even for young children learning different writing styles is very important as they grow up. How a write writes tells a lot about the writer. The style he chooses to write it shows his character, style, and the way he approaches audience. Here is a list of the four kinds of writing styles of writing along with their description:

1. Descriptive writing:

This is the kind of writing style where the writer discusses the subjects of the writing in great detail. Rather than just giving the main information, the writer chooses to reveal the details of the characters places and events. They sometimes sound poetic. The articles written with this style makes the reader imagine how the write was seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling or feeling.

2. Persuasive writing:

Persuasive writing contains the view justifying that what the write is writing is believable. Persuasive writing is used to convince your view on the subject matter. Examples of where this kind of writing is usually used are in advertising and affiliate marketing. Persuasive writing is filled with reasons, justification and arguments. The write basically takes a point of view and tells you to believe it also. They are normally written for readers to take some action.

3. Narrative writing:

This is a kind of writing style that where the writer is one of the characters of the story. Examples of narrative writings are; novels, short stories and poems. Narrative writers normally put characters and dialogue in the writing. They have a clear starting, interval and finishing.

Situations that can be in a narrative writing are conflicts, war, problems and their solution. This type of writing can be used for fictional writing.

4. Expository writing:

The main focus of the writer is to write about the subject matter. He writes about all the perspectives of the subject without involving his personal opinion. Examples things written in this kind of writings style are text books and articles of instructions. The main focus of this kind of writing style is to give the actual facts and figures. They give the details of the subject step by step.

When choosing a writing style, it is not a matter of what is right or wrong; it is what is right for the audience. What you should pay attention to once you have chosen the style is to choose words carefully, make your sentences fluent and your voice that will reveal your personality. Kinds of writing styles are important in many kinds of writing styles like personal blog, online business blog, professional writing and scientific writing.

Informal writing can have relaxed rules. Formal writings are normally strict on these rules of writing and there is a good reason for this. Most of the formal writings are written for people who expect the highest standards of writing, like in the academic setup. Keep the punctuation at their correct places.