Kinds Of Big Cats

Learn about the kinds of big cats. Big cats belong to the family of Falidae. They are the larger members of this family. They include:

– Jaguar (Panthera onca)
– Leopard (Panther pardus)
– Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)
– Lion(Panthera leo)
– The Tiger (Panthera tigris)

The main difference between these cats is based on their behavioural characteristics and their appearance. However they share some traits such as being carnivores. All these kinds of big cats are evenly distributed all over the planet except for Australia and Antarctica.


Its scientific name is Panthera onca. These kinds of big cats are majorly found in South America. It’s tan with irregular black spots on its body. They can both swim and climb trees especially when they are out to capture their prey. This makes it to be a very canning big cat. In a number of occasions, the female bear four young ones. They are also fond of marking their own territory.


These are the fastest animals in the jungle. Its scientific name is Acinonyx jubatus. It’s popularly known for this very unique trait with its tail playing a significant role in ensuring it negotiates perfect corners while at high speed. Their body is covered with black spots, small head, a slender body and tan in colour. Mostly, they live in savannah grassland. They are known to occupy large areas in Africa and Asia.


Its scientific name is Panther pardus. They have short limbs, a long body, broad face and the whole of its body is covered with ‘rosettes’. These kinds of big cats just like other cats mark their territory with their urine and claws. They can also climb trees which serve as a store for all their prey against other animals like the hyenas.


Its scientific name is Panthera Leo. They are commonly referred to as the king of the jungle. They live in a large group called the pride. It consist of three male, their young ones and quite a number of lionesses. In most occasions, they young male grows to a certain age where they are forced to leave and form their own pride different from their parents. They live in grassland/ open stretches of land and they mark their territory with urine, secretion from their anal glands or at times they roar.

The Tiger (Panthera Tigris)

They are mostly found in great Asia, Russia and India. They have dark vertical stripes and orange fur. They can weigh up to 300kgs with a length of 3mts. Its population in the world is about 4,000 with six subspecies existing: The Bengal, The Sumatran, The Siberian, The South China, The Indochinese and The Mayan. These kinds of big cats are the largest and it’s mostly seen alone unless it’s mating season or in company of its cubs.

These kinds of big cats are reducing in number at a very alarming rate due to their beautiful skins. As a result, very many regulations have been formed to protect them from the hands of poachers. Moreover, man has continued to encroach their habitats rendering these big cats homeless.