Kinds Of Big Dogs

Learn about kinds of big dogs. Dogs are man’s best friend. This is a common saying. Indeed, dogs form the favorite choice of pets at home. One of the reasons for this is the fact that dogs are extremely faithful animals. Whether a pet dog is an exercise companion, a watchful guard, or a playmate for children, everyone loves dogs. There are different breeds of dogs all over the world, but the bigger varieties are a little more special.

The Bernese Mountain dog is one of the most famous kinds of big dogs from the scenic land of Switzerland. This breed of dog is known for its affectionate personality and intelligence. It possesses silky long fur, with the colors of black, brown and white decorating the fur. These dogs are best suited for cold weathers and sport a regal, loyal look.

Collie is also among the different kinds of big dogs, which is known for its friendly nature. These dogs are very calm in nature and seldom show signs of aggressive behavior. However, when it is time to put up a protective avatar for their masters, they can become aggressive. Most often than not, they are a calm species.

Mastiff is an aggressive looking, beast like species of big dogs. They have an aggressive appearance, but they are extremely gentle in nature. They are especially known for their loyalty. The Mastiff breed makes incomparable guard dogs.
The next among the kinds of big dogs is the Great Dane. They have a monstrous, gigantic appearance. It holds the record of being the tallest dog in the world. Despite their intimidating size, the Great Dane is a calm, gentle species of dogs. They require a lot of space to exercise their long limbs.

The Rottweiler is one of the most popular kinds of big dogs in the world. They are known for their obedience. By virtue of this characteristic, they are suited to different roles. These dogs are extremely intelligent. They are also used in the television and film industries to portray different roles.

The Standard Poodle is an intelligent breed of dog. Training them is an easy job. They are known for their abilities of pleasing the crowd. They look for attention and require time from their masters. Otherwise, they are an extremely adorable breed of dog to have as pets.

The Golden Retriever is another one of the popular kinds of big dogs. Their name essentially comes from their golden fur they sport, but it can also be easily termed after the golden hearts they possess. They are an extremely friendly and compatible species. However, they need daily exercises of running about to stay fit and healthy.

The German Shepherd, one of the most common kinds of big dogs, are extremely keen to offer their services to their masters. They are often spotted alongside policemen. They are friendly and can be an excellent pet in a family. They are also known as the Alsatian dogs and are the protectors of their masters.

Dogs, not only act as companions for the members in a family, but also protect their masters and serve them.