Kinds Of Bunnies

Read and discuss the kinds of bunnies! English Angora, French Angora, Belgian Hare, Silver Marten, Californian, Palomino, Florida White, Flemish Giant, Harlequin, Havana, Checkered Giant, Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lop, Brittannia Petite, Polish, Dutch,  Dwarf Hotot, Havana, Himalayan, Dwarf  Lop Cashmere, Jersey Wolly, Swiss Fox, Mini Rex, Silver, Tan, Thrianta, Lilac, Rhinelander, Chinchilla, Cinnamon, American Sable, Blanc de Hotot, Silver Fox, Champagne D’ Argent, CrËme d’ Argent, Rhinelander, Smoke Pearl, Petite Russe, Polonais, Nain Lion. Do you think these are clothes or alcohol brands? Wrong answer! They are all kinds of bunnies.

In fact, this is only a very small sample of the numerous kinds of bunnies there are. I was kind of shocked too, when I first learned that there are that many kinds of those hairy little creatures. How did I find out? My nephew, who is nine years old, asked me to buy him a bunny as a Christmas present. Since I knew very few about bunnies, I googled it up and started surfing the internet for information. The more I was searching, the more surprised I was; giant bunnies, lilliputian bunnies, bunnies with many colors or just one, bunnies with very very long or tiny short ears, short haired and long haired bunnies. Bunnies from all the corners of the earth, and the choice is up to you to decide which one will be yours and shall become your favorite pet. As I said, my bunny search proved to be very interesting as I got to learn a lot of new things about these adorable pets.

So what is a bunny? It is a relatively small mammal that belongs to the family of Leporidae and is found in several places around the world. Depending on their origin, the different kinds of bunnies have their own unique characteristics. Yet, the two basic kinds of bunnies are the wild bunnies that run free on their own, and the pet bunnies that are bred for house life. The former is about 25 to 35 cm long and weighs 2 to 2.5 kg. It is usually white with just a few colored hairs and its life average is about 8 to 9 years. The wild bunny can be found almost in any kind of terrain, even in mountains up to 1500 feet high. As for the latter kind, it certainly comes from the wild bunny, but it has more than 45 breeds that differ in color, shape, size, and the type of coat it bears. Pet bunnies are distinguished according to their size and weight in 4 basic categories: giant bunnies, average, small, and Lilliputian bunnies.

Moreover, a further distinction among the various kinds of bunnies is based on their coat: there is the Rex bunny (which has very short hair with a velvet sensation), the Angora (which has long hair), the Satin (which has very thin hair and a vast variety of colors), and the Swiss Fox (which has thick hair).

All in all, I believe that all kinds of bunnies are fascinating creatures and a perfect gift for those you love, or simply a gift to yourself.