Kinds Of Chicken

There are several kinds of chicken in existence. There are about hundreds of breeds that are known of. Domesticated chicken have been modified in a way that they could be separated with different characteristics that is a result of geographic factors and other physical factors responsible for the growth of the chicken. There are several factors that help us to put the different kinds of chicken into different categories and these are the color, the size, the egg color and the comb pattern. In the present day situation different kinds of chicken are bred regularly as per government regulation to get a variety of them.

There are several breeds of chicken. One of this is Ancona. The name of the breed comes from the place where it originated from, a city in Italy. The varieties under this particular category are single comb and Rose comb. It is not a usual breed in the United States. It has its utility in the production of small eggs.

Andalusia is another breed that has originated in England. It is a small sized bird which is active and closely feathered and is known to be quite noisy at times. They are a cross between black and white. The unstable blue color is what they are known for the best.
Araucana is another kind of chicken that is available in the market. It was first discovered in South America.

Aseel is another interesting breed. It has a range of colors. The bird is meant to serve a variety of purpose. It is required for domestic needs. At the same time, it is also quite important for the purpose of entertainment too. It has a good physique. It has broad shoulders, and a wide hip that makes it look quite attractive.

Chicken happens to be one of the most domesticated animals in the twenty first century. It is also one of the most populated species of birds in the world. It has the highest population worldwide. The primary reasons for domesticating chicken is because they happen to be quite a useful source of meat and eggs. Their products are sold in the market and the ones domesticating them get huge profits. Therefore, it is highly important to explore more kinds of chicken, so that they could be properly exploited for obtaining proper benefits from this.

In the beginning chickens were domesticated for other reasons though. It was done to fight cocks of Asian origin. There is much to explore in the social behavior of chickens. They tend to live in flocks. They prefer to live in a community. In the flock, individual chickens dominate others and for those who can dominate have a better access to food, shelter and other amenities. On addition of younger hens to the existing flock, would lead to fight and injury. However, sudden removal of different kinds of hen and cocks from the community is not a good option. This could disturb the communities’ living. So, care should be taken.