Kinds Of Coffee

Learn about different kinds of coffee. Coffee is one of the most versatile drinks in the world. It can be drank with milk, heavy cream and even liquor. Coffee is also known to provide richness in delicacies like cakes and cookies. Some chefs use coffee to grill meat.

The kinds of coffee are technically divided into three, according to where they came from and the variety of the beans used to make the brew. The basic kinds of coffee are: one-origin, one-estate and blends. When coffee originates from one land and all the beans have a common flavour, this is called one-estate coffee. The one-origin kinds of coffee are made from a mixture of beans harvested in a the region but from different estates. Blend coffee types are the most popular kind. Different kinds of beans from different estates and regions are mixed together to obtain a unique taste. It’s safe to say that most of the coffee varieties we know and love are blends.

The kinds of coffee can also be classified according to what most coffee shops are serving. This is a practical way of classifying coffee because most of us just look at the menu in a cafe and wonder what the differences are between the different drinks.

Espresso is very strong black coffee that is drank from a small cup. The best kinds of coffee blends for espresso creation are the dark roast aromatic beans from Latin America, although this is still subject for debate among coffee lovers. Espresso is created by subjecting the beans to high-pressure steam treatment. The characteristic feature of espresso is the creamy foam on the top and the strong aroma. Espresso is meant as a pick-me-up drink rather than for leisurely drinking.

Cappuccino is one of the most popular kinds of coffee usually taken after a big meal. In a sense, cappuccino is a good nightcap drink. This is made using milk and espresso, but the milk is mixed in such a way that foam forms on top. Many enthusiasts use chocolate to improve a cup of cappuccino.

Cafe Americano is basically watered down espresso. You can take it with milk or on its own, with the flavour of the diluted espresso still strong enough to make it a great cup of coffee. Milk should not be added as liberally because the espresso flavour might not shine through when something as creamy as milk is added.

If Cafe Americano is espresso that is watered down, cafe latte is espresso that is added to a cup of milk. Cafe latte is already creamy, so it’s better to take it without sugar. Some would take it with plain bread because the strong flavours of cafe latte enhances the bland flavour of the bread.

Cafe au lait is a favorite no matter where you go. Some kinds of coffee are simple enough to do at home. One of these is cafe au lait, which is considered similar to cafe latte, only the base is brewed coffee and not espresso. Cafe au lait is a staple in most breakfast buffets.