Kinds Of Desserts

There are many different kinds of desserts. After having a full course meal even if our stomach is full to the brim, most of us would go for something sweet at the end. It can be anything, but not having the last sweet dish is like not completing the meal. These days, most opt for colorful and beautifully decorated dishes. There are a variety of confectioneries and a variety of sweet dishes available for desserts. Different kinds of desserts have been classified into on the basis of its making procedure or even on the serving condition. They are:

1. Baked Desserts
2. Frozen Desserts
3. Fried Desserts
4. Chilled Desserts

1. Baked Desserts – they are those kinds of desserts in which the ingredients are mixed together and then the total mixture is put in a hot oven for some time to bake it and make the finished products. Generally cakes, cookies, muffins are made in this procedure. Custards and Puddings can also be made in this method to some extent. Especially those desserts that are made using flour, bread or other such ingredients are made in this procedure and are known as Baked Desserts.

2. Frozen Desserts – they are those kinds of desserts that made by mixing all the ingredients in a freezer. Ice creams, Cola floats, Milk shakes and sherbets which is a mixture of water, sugar and flavorings, are prepared by this method and this category is known as Frozen Dessert.

3. Fried Desserts – As the name suggests these kinds of desserts are deep fried in oil. A lot of oil is taken in a pan and heated, the food is put in this hot oil and cooked till its fried. Doughnuts are an example of a Fried Dessert.

4. Chilled Dessert – Chilled Desserts are the kinds of desserts made without using freezers or ovens. They are simply mixed instantly in the chilled condition and cooked. Say for example, instant puddings and instant mousse are prepared by mixing instant pudding power with milk and little water, then the flavors and the flavoring agents are added along with the colors if required and also the garnishing is added in the end.

Kids and young people mostly prefer chocolate and ice cream desserts whereas older people like the frozen or the chilled desserts such as puddings and milkshakes. Even other flavored desserts are being sold each day in large numbers. Each day a number of new dishes especially desserts are being innovated by the chefs as this is one of the main items in a full course meal which can win the hearts of their customers. They are made in such a way so that just a look of it makes it irresistibly delicious, even if you are trying to control your diet you will not be able to control yourself. And in case you have a sweet tooth you can indulge in the various desserts and choose your favorites. Once in a while having a sweet is not so bad, rather it’s really nice if you have a sweet ending, isn’t it?