Kinds Of Dog Breeds

Learn about kinds of dog breeds. Dogs have proved to the man’s favorite pets since they were domesticated. They are friendly and can easily be trained to perform quite a number of activities ranging from being watch dogs to entertainment at times. They have proved worth keeping at home. Not all kinds of dogs can do these with ease as they have different abilities.
They’re very many kinds of dogs. To begin with, we can classify dogs as either indigenous or hybrid dogs. Most dogs we keep at home have been developed through genetic engineering which has since proved to nature some of the best qualities of dogs. Presently, there is an estimate of 150 dog species.

Size is also a very important parameter when it comes to classification of various kinds of dogs. There are small size, medium size and large dogs. This will depend of the height of the dog or a times the dog’s weight. Examples of small dogs include the highland terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, the skye terrier, the pug, the Brussels griffon, the shih tzu etc.
Examples medium size dogs include the Australian cattle dog, the bearded collie, the bulldog, the Brittany, the chow chow etc.
Examples of large dogs include the akita, the beauceron, the mountain dog, the doberman etc.
These care just a few kinds of dogs across the planet. Dogs can further be classified depending on how best it can act as watch dogs, used as hunting dogs, the rate at which they shade hair etc. Here are some few examples:

The American bull dog

This is a very popular dog since it’s very powerful due its powerful muscles. It can be used as a good watch dog and hunting dog. It’s fast and alert most of the time. The male American bull dogs are larger and more masculine than the female bull dogs.

The boxer: These kinds of dogs are widely known for having emotional feelings, patient and very loving. Just like the American bull dogs, the male boxes are bigger and more masculine thane the female boxes.

The German shepherd: These dogs are very noble in all their character. It’s a very good watch dog since it’s very courageous.

Chinese crested: These kinds of dogs are lovable, lively and very entertaining. They actually look like toy dogs. These dogs like sitting on raised grounds and are very neat.

The black Russian Terrier: These kinds of dogs are distrustful to all strangers, very powerful and courageous. They are good watch dogs and mostly preferred for hunting purposes since they are very keen and are averagely fast.
Appearance also plays a very significant role when it comes to classification of different kinds of dog breeds. For instance the lowchen dog is very hairy and can be compared to a lion while the bearded collie just like the Chinese crested resembles toy dogs etc.

These are just some few and simple ways of classifying dogs however, there are also some other parameters which can be used to classify these dogs into smaller distinctive groups.