Kinds Of Dog Food

Learn about kinds of dog food. Before opting for any kinds of dog food, factors such as its cost, the pet’s preference and whether the foods are nutritious or not are very necessary. Classification of dog foods can be done considering the foods’ nutritious value or the form in which these foods comes in. With regard to nutritional content; they can be considered as complete dog foods or complementary dog foods.

Complete dog food

These kinds of dog food are preferred since they satisfy all the nutritional demands which a dog really needs. It has all the nutrients in the right proportion. They are the only kind of food preferred for daily dog consumption.

Complementary dog food
These types of foods are only used along with complete dog foods. This is because they only contain just a small proportion of a given type of food nutrients. In most instances, they aren’t administered to dogs regular instead they are considered as treats to dogs.

From the above broad category, different kinds of dog food can be classified in the form in which they are available in the market. These include kibble/ dry dog food, home cooked dog food, semi-moist dog food and the canned dog foods. These are the most common forms in which dog foods come in.

Semi-moist dog foods

It contains very many artificial flavors with low nutritional content. They aren’t good for daily consumption as the pet might miss very vital nutrients. They’re given to dogs as treats on specific occasions. These kinds of dog food include the soft pallets.

Canned dog foods

These foods include the pouches, the foil trays etc. They are prepared under high temperatures to ensure proper sterilization is for the dog’s safety. The contain chunks in jelly, meat loaf mats and the chunk in grey depending on the manufacturer. These kinds of dog foods have a considerably long shelf life, available in all most all shopping centers and most pets like it so much. However, they are also very expensive and an ordinary person cannot afford to maintain this kind of diets.
When going for canned dog foods, it’s advisable to confirm the amount of digestible protein content of the food. Always go for 100% nutritionally complete kinds of dog food. They are sometimes referred to as wet dog food since they contain a lot of water (0.75 of the total content is water).

Home cooked dog foods

It’s very challenging to prepare a dog food with a balanced nutritional content. One must have a good knowledge on canine nutrition for its success. On the other hand it ones of the surest way to know the exactly what the dogs eat. These kinds of dog food come with two major disadvantages: they are time consuming and expensive.

Kibble/ dry foods

These kinds of dog food are cheap considering that no refrigeration is required and therefore many people opt for it. Examples are biscuits/mixers and flake foods. They can be offered to dogs while dry or moist depending on what the dog enjoys most. They help to keep the dogs’ teeth stronger.

Raw dog foods

Most dogs love raw foods. The most common kinds of dog foods in these categories are bone and meat.