Kinds Of Dogs That Don’t Shed

It is hard to find the kinds of dogs that don’t shed since shedding is natural for all dogs. Dogs shed to change their seasonal coats they also shed if they have a bad diet. So, one cannot truly find kinds of dogs that don’t shed at all. Although there are many dogs which shed so less that they can be considered as kinds of dogs that don’t shed. Since kinds of dogs that don’t shed much are not likely to trigger allergies they are preferred as pets.

Although many believe that diet and maintenance is the secret behind dogs that do not shed, there are many kinds of dogs that don’t shed much hair at all. A few of the popular breeds are-


Dachshunds can be both long coat as well as short coat. The short coat Dachshunds are more common than the long coat Dachshunds since they require less maintenance. The short coat Dachshunds do not have seasonal coats so they do not shed seasonally. They are easy to groom as well. Even if they do shed the amount of fur is too less to be noticed.

Boston terrier

Like the Dachshund this dog is also a short coated dog. They do not shed much fur since they do not have seasonal coats as well. Grooming them is easy since not much fur has to be dealt with. The very little amount of hair they may shed can easily go unnoticed.


It is a misconception that kinds of dogs that don’t shed much are short coated dogs. Long coated dogs like poodles are also good for those with allergies since they shed very little. Grooming is a must for poodles, not because they shed, but because if they are not groomed their fur might get tangles. Most people prefer to give their poodle nice cut which keeps their fur trimmed and less prone to shedding. Both miniature as well as standard poodles are good for allergic dog lovers.


Generally most of the larger dog breeds do not fall under the category of kinds of dogs that don’t shed much fur. But this dog breed is good for those who want a shed free dog. The saluki does not have a long coat but its coat is not shot as well. The diet of this dog needs to be monitored to ensure that their coat stays healthy. But unlike most other big dogs the saluki is a dog that sheds less.

There are many other kinds of dogs that are considered to shed less hair. In general dogs belonging to the terrier family sheds less if their coats are regularly and properly groomed. The Irish and Portuguese water dogs are also known to be dogs that shed less fur.

Short coated dogs do tend to shed less than long coated ones. The short coats also require less grooming. But if groomed properly one can enjoy the silky coats of long coated dogs without the hassle of shedding.