Kinds Of Dolphins

Most people like the many kinds of dolphins and love to see them in action. Even so, only a limited number of fans actually know that Flipper has many siblings, whose main characteristics (length, body size, shape, behavior) vary a great deal. According to most researchers, there are 36 different kinds of dolphins. Four of them live in rivers, while the rest could be found in marine ecosystems.

Risso’s Dolphin: This spectacular type of dolphins could easily be admired during live shows, as this species apparently enjoys life in captivity and the company of humans. It can also be found in its natural habitat, located in areas with temperate and tropical climate. As a particularity, it has a toothless upper jaw, a massive upper body and a narrow tail. It was named after A. Risso, the scientist who wrote the first detailed description of this species.

The Killer Whale: This gigantic, marvelous creature, also known as orca, lives in all oceans, so it is not bothered by significant temperature variations. These kinds of dolphins have developed an amazing social behavior and a set of unique, refined hunting skills which are apparently passed on from one generation to another. Some orcas eat only fish, while other species love to devour various types of aquatic mammals. The killer whale is admired for its impressive size (orcas are, by far, the largest representatives listed in this category) and for its looks, as the interesting black and white combination makes the killer whale unmistakable. It can also be spotted in different aquatic parks.  The Killer Whale is the second most intelligent aquatic mammal, according to most researchers. This species is also considered very agile, despite its body size, and also very sociable and playful.

The Common Dolphin: After hearing this name, most people think about Flipper. Actually, the popular aquatic character is a Bottlenose dolphin. The Common Dolphin deserves its name, because it represents one of the most well-known kinds of dolphins described in Greek and Roman literature. It can reach up to 3 meters in length and a body weight of almost 250 kilograms. These kinds of dolphins have a dark back and colorful sides which can be painted in different lighter shades. Usually, the Common Dolphin can only be admired in its natural ecosystem, as this species has a hard time adjusting to life in captivity.

Bottlenose dolphin: Unlike the Common Dolphin, the Bottlenose dolphin loves life in captivity and enjoys spending time with people. In their natural habitat, they can be found in groups of up to 30 dolphins. They eat fish and they embrace sophisticated hunting techniques, based on certain sounds emitted to identify the potential prey. Unfortunately, these kinds of dolphins are threatened by human intervention. They have a lifespan of up to 4 decades. A Bottlenose dolphin can reach a body length of up to 4 meter and a weight of nearly 650 kilograms. They have excellent vision, but a frail sense of smell.

The Spinner Dolphin: These kinds of dolphins don’t impress with their massive body. On the contrary, the body of the playful Spinner Dolphin is rather small and slender. Even so, this cute creature is a talented acrobat which loves to spin in the air. Spinner Dolphins live in huge groups of up to 1,000 members and are very sociable. Squid is their favorite food and they usually have a lifespan of up to 2 decades.