Kinds Of Frogs

There are many different kinds of frogs. Frogs have been the favorite amphibian of the kids; the frogs are often kept in vivariums or jars to showcase them to friends or family members. Most of the frogs are born under water in the form of tadpoles, who gradually converts into frogs, although there is also the presence of some frogs that are born directly in the form of full frogs. Frogs mainly feed on the insects such as earthworms, spiders and minnows. This article is particularly written to make the readers aware of the different kinds of frogs which are found in the world. Have a look:

1. Bull frogs
The other name for these kinds of frogs is the true frog, which belongs to the family name Ranidae. These frogs are usually found in the fresh water, near the canals and other bodies of water. The bull frog is one species which is distributed equally throughout the world. These kinds of frogs are often used for the purpose of the laboratory dissections, because they have a giant structure to their credit.

2. Transparent frog
The other name for these kinds of frogs is the glass frog or the crystal frog. As the name suggest, this frog is transparent in appearance, which is the reason for the visibility of its flesh to the onlooker. However, finding the transparent frog is quite a cumbersome task as it is one of the endangered species of the frogs.

3. Tree frog
As the name suggests, these kinds of frogs mostly spend their life by dwelling in either trees or inside vegetation. The tree frog belongs to the Hylidae family, which is celebrated round the world for possessing various kinds of species of frog. The size of these kinds of frogs is usually smaller as compared to the other species. The small size of these frogs aids them in climbing branches and twigs promptly and swiftly.

4. Red Mantella frog
These kinds of frogs usually adorn either an orange or a red dorsal on their surface. The presence of either orange or reddish touch gave the name red mantella to this species of frogs. This frog is quite small in size, merely 2.5 cm in length. It is one of the terrestrial breed of frogs who are the native of Madagascar.

5. Surinam toad
These kinds of frog belong to the category of aquatic frogs, who spend most of their lifetime under water. The Surinam toad is also tagged as one of those kinds of frogs who appear to be the bizarre looking. The appearance of the frog is way too dull and indulges in a brilliant camouflage once it takes its seat beneath the river.

6. Poison dart frog
The poison dart frog belongs to the category of the poisonous frogs and has the family name of Dendrobatidae to its credit. The ideal size of these sorts of frog is small, but their size varies from region to region. This frog is commonly found in the regions of rain forest present in the South and Central America.

The above mentioned kinds of frogs must have provided the readers with a valuable insight about the distinct varieties of frogs and their distinct attributes.