Kinds Of Hamsters

There are very many kinds of hamsters however, in this particular article, we are going to discuss just a few of the most common types. These animals can be classified depending on the body, size, the coat, weight amongst other factors which will be discussed later in this article. Most hamsters weigh approximately 4 ounces with an average length of about six inches. Most of these animals start breading at an early age which is at times one and a half months. The female are found of eating its young ones especially if the babies are about twelve.

The most common hamsters are:

The Mesocricetus auratus
This is the scientific name for the popularly as the Syrian hamster, the Teddy Bear hamsters or the Golden hamsters. These kinds of hamsters should never be caged, can be handled with ease besides being nocturnal creatures.
They are great pets and very friendly to young children. The female are always larger than the male with the fully grown Teddy Bear hamsters attaining a full length of about seven inches.
They have very small eyes, short tails and large cheeks. They can live for four years if they are well taken care of although the
average lifespan of most Syrian hamsters is about two years.

The Phodopus campbelli
These kinds of hamsters are commonly known as the dwarf Campbell Russian hamsters. Just as the name suggests, these hamsters are very small with mature adults with the adults attaining a maximum length of four inches. They are multi-coloured hamsters with white colour on the stomach, a greyish-brown coat, darker strips and cream colour on both side of the stomach.
They are nocturnal creatures just like the Syrian hamsters and they have an average lifespan of about two years.

The Cricetulus griseus
These kinds of hamsters are commonly known as the Chinese Striped hamsters of the striped hamsters. They are timid, not sociable, rarely bite and good-natured. Like the other hamsters, these animals are very active during the night.
They grow to a maximum length of four inches. They resemble mouse or rat. The average life span of these hamsters is two years. These hamsters exist in two forms: the agouti coat which has a dark brown at the back with the black line on the spine. The second kind of hamsters in this category is referred to as the ‘dominant spot’ it has white coat which has some spots.

The Phodopus roborovski
These kinds of hamsters are also referred to as the Roborovski Dwarf hamsters. They are very social and normally the same sex are kept together and this calls for all the hamsters to be introduced to one another a very tender age.
They are sandy-brown, white marks around the eyes and a white mark on the stomach. They are the smallest kinds of hamster with an average length of two inches with an average life span of three years.

The Phodopus sungorus
They share the most behavioral characteristics with the Dwarf Campbell Russians. These kinds of hamsters are very active during the day and have very great personality.

They exist in three major colors which include the pearl, sapphire and sapphire-pearl. They have a life span of about two years with fully grown adults being about four inches.