Kinds Of House Cats

Learn about kinds of house cats. Since a very long time cats have always been a center of attraction for children and women. They use to keep them as pet at home. Due to their cuteness and playful nature they are among those animals which are widely kept by people all over the world at home as their pet. Some cat’s race is also due to cross breeding, and some of them are pure land race. There are several cats, which can be classified as different kinds of house cats.

Some of those kinds of house cats are discussed below:

Aegean Cats:
Aegean cats are one of the kinds of house cats, which are evolved from Greece, Aegean Sea and that is the reason it is called Aegean cats. These cats are not the result of cross breeding and are purely a land race. These kinds of house cats are very playful, energetic, clever and lively in nature, and that is why most of the families prefer to keep these cats as their pet at home. They are very sociable in nature and do not hesitate to draw their owners attention because of their cute behavior and charming looks. They have long hairs on their body and have this unique characteristic that their hair shortens in summer. So they have this tendency that they can protect themselves in winter from cold by their long hairs, and in hot season they fall off their hairs. They have 2 to 3 color patterns on their body, but the major part is of white color, comprising about two third of its body. Their tails are long and fluffy and do not have any curves.

American Bobtail Cats:
These kinds of house cats are firstly evolved in late 1960s, and they are not very common yet. These kinds of house cats have bobbed (short) tail (About half of the length of usual cats), and that is the reason they are widely known as ‘American Bobtail cats’. They evolved by the cross breeding between a tabby cat and wild bobcat, and that is why they have this unique and distinctive look of short tail. They are very playful, pleasing, clever, vigorous, sociable and lively in nature. They have all those characteristics which make them perfect to keep as a pet.

British Shorthair Cats:
These kinds of house cats are one of the kinds that are widely popular in cat shows due to their charming and pleasant looks and elegant style. They have different colors on their body and are very fluffy. The best part is these kinds of house cats have large round shaped eyes that can be of diverse colors and due to it these cats look very attractive and stunning. Apart from eyes they have different characteristics as well which makes them most popular among families. They have a muscular body, short legs, wide shoulders and a rounded tip tail which looks lavishing. These kinds of house cats have an easy going nature and are very much tolerant. They do not bother on being physically interacted and do not expose any kind of threat when they are touched by children. Which makes them very comfortable with younger children and that is the reason most of the families prefer these kinds of house cats as their pets. All of their characteristics make them a perfect apartment cat that has all, intelligence, tolerance, cuteness, lavish and looks.