Kinds Of Ice Cream

There are a number of kinds of ice cream. The ice cream has been the sweet and creamy treat for the taste buds of millions, for centuries. A number of poems as well as songs have been written with ice cream as the theme. The presence of the ice creams is widely witnessed at events such as birthdays or any other sorts of gatherings with family or friends. But one thing which has remained the highlight of the delightful ice cream is the presence of a plethora of choices to pick from. There is a world of flavors when it comes to ice creams and it definitely has something for everyone.
Through this article, let’s have a look at the various kinds of ice creams present in the world, which you may have or have not tasted. Read through:

1. Hard ice cream

This is the topmost kinds of ice cream which is usually made by blending cream or milk with sugar, stabilizers, eggs and many other ingredients in the form of fruits, chocolates or vanilla. These add-ins present in the ice cream can vary in accordance with the tastes of the individuals. However, the options for the add-ins are endless.

2. Baked Alaska

These kinds of ice creams are just the perfect treat for you and your friends. It is a masterpiece which is prepared by blending together ice cream, meringue and cake. The ice cream is served in a pie plate which is mounted as well as covered from all sides by the various layers of the cake. This ice cream provides a memorable experience to the individuals who are having it. These kinds of ice creams are usually prepared in the countries such as China and in Paris.

3. Gelato

Gelato is an Italian word which is used for referring to something which is frozen. Thus, the frozen dessert of ice cream in the country of Italy is referred to as Gelato. The sparkling attribute of these kinds of ice creams is that although they are less sweet in taste, but the factor of density present in the Gelato is one of its kinds. The Gelato contains less of the air and the presence or absence of the eggs in the ice cream depends upon the taste preferences of the individuals.

4. French style ice cream

As the name suggests, these kinds of ice creams are mostly prepared in the regions of France. This ice cream is defined by the presence of a cooked yolk of an egg in the custard; thus imparting the attributes such as smoothness and richness to the ice cream. The most amazing aspect of this ice cream is its silky touch and denseness.

5. Semifreddo

This dish got its birth in Italy and is often considered as a varied form of the ice cream. These kinds of ice creams are usually half cold in taste as it is not churned in the manner in which the gelato or an ice cream is churned; instead it is frozen in a distinct fashion and then defrosted.

The above mentioned kinds of ice creams must have provided you a valuable touch up on the profusion of the flavors of the ice creams available round the world, which remain to be tasted and enjoyed. Indulge in ice cream treats!