Kinds Of Mammals

The earth is characterized with the presence of a large variety of the animals, which are classified into distinct set of groups. Mammals are one group of the commonly found animals which are characterized by hair, backbone and fur. The mammals have nearly 6000 of the distinct species categorized on the basis of their characteristics and the way these mammals develop. This article is particularly designed to highlight the various kinds of mammals present across the globe. Have a look at the list of the different species to gain valuable insight:

1. Aardvark
The aardvark is the burrowing and nocturnal mammal which is the only living kind present in its species bracket. The aardvark usually possesses a long and snouted back and its fur are quite coarse in texture. The diet of these kinds of mammals comprises of the termites and ants which it procures by invading the nests of the insects by making use of the long claws which are present on its body. The hoofed mammals and the cetaceans are the closest ally of these kinds of mammals.

2. Bats
These are the kinds of mammals who are blessed with the wings. However, there is the presence of the kinds of mammals namely the flying lemurs that possess the ability to glide with the help of the skin membrane, but only bats posses the true attributes of flying. There are nearly 997 types of bats present in the world. The bats are classified as- micro bats and mega bats.

3. Elephant Shrews
These kinds of mammals are smaller in size and are native of the country Africa. There is the presence of nearly twelve species of the elephant shrews that are alive even today, namely, the golden rumped elephant shrew, checkered elephant shrew, short eared elephant shrew, dusky elephant shrew, four toed elephant shrew, etc.

4. Hoofed Mammals
These kinds of mammals include animals such as pronghorn, pigs, deer, hippopotamuses, camels, cattle, giraffe and okapi to name a few. About two hundred twenty five species of the hoofed mammals can also be found dwelling in today’s era.

5. Elephants
Elephants are the most commonly found kinds of mammals, which are categorized as the Asian elephants and the African elephants. The African elephants are further categorized into the savanna elephant and the forest elephant. However, the Asian elephants possess only one species. The striking feature of these kinds of mammals is the giant size, long and muscular trunk and the massive skull. Nearly one hundred and fifty species of the elephants are inhibiting the distinct regions of the America, Africa and Europe.

6. Carnivores
This category of mammals comprises of nearly two hundred and fifty species of mammals. The first traces of the carnivores were found after the dinosaurs got extinct from the world. The early carnivores used to possess the attributes which were similar to the creatures which appeared like a weasel. The red panda, foxes, bears and wolves, all fall under this category.

The above mentioned classification of mammals must have provided you with the primary basis for gaining a better understanding of the various kinds of mammals present in the surroundings.