Kinds Of Reptiles As Pets

Reptile can never be generic. Some reptiles can be kept as pets while it is always better to stay away from some of their types. It is necessary to know the kinds of reptiles as pets. Reptiles have tailored the remarkable series of lifestyles. Some reptiles are available underground whereas some of them get to see on the trees. Even some of the reptiles are available in the sea.

While thinking about the reptiles one may come across the question that asks what are different kinds of reptiles as pets and how they should be treated. Let’s take a deep look on the kinds of reptiles as pets.


Many kinds of snakes are a good alternative for those who don’t have much understanding about the reptiles. Snakes are available into thousands of species. Some of those species are very easy to handle by means of caring and feeding. These species could become a good friend of mankind. Snakes usually don’t require special treatment of ultraviolet light as they get adjusted with the usual climate. The only care that should be taken is to keep them in a safe place so that they cannot come outside. Snakes are one among the poisonous reptiles. Thus, one should be cautious while handling venomous kinds of reptiles as pets. One should not go with the poisonous snakes that can turn risky in future. Along with this, there are some kinds of big constrictor snakes that can turn dangerous if one fails to handle them properly. One should follow the below given list to know what kinds of snakes are good as a pet.

Recommended kinds of reptiles as pets:

1) Milk snakes

2) Corn snakes

3) Ball pythons

All these reptiles should be properly caged to avoid risky situations.

Not recommended kinds of reptiles as pets:

1) Burmese pythons

2) Boa constrictors

These reptiles are compliant and thus not recommended. These are very large and possess huge power. Thus, one should avoid these snakes.


Only some kinds of lizards can become a good pet. There are several species available in lizards that need excess care by means of feeding, and lighting. Lizards are one among the different kinds of reptiles as pets. One should take good care of them because most of them appear delicate and fragile.

Recommended kinds of reptiles as pets:

1) Blue Tongued Skinks

2) Leopard Geckos

3) Bearded Dragons

Following kinds of reptiles should be strictly avoided.

1) Chameleons

2) Iguanas

Lizards can be belligerent and convoluted to handle.


Turtle are considered as on of the most silent kinds of reptiles. Zero amount care is required for their maintenance. These are among the cold-blooded animals that usually don’t create any kind of harm to the mankind. On should select turtle as a pet because this reptile requires minimal amount of care.

These are some selected kinds of reptiles as pets. One can select any of the aforesaid types. While deciding about the reptile pets it is necessary to consider their negative side as well.