Kinds Of Sharks In Florida

There is a very diverse species of sharks in Florida. The following are the kinds of sharks in florida:

1. Sharpnose:

One interesting thing about this kind of shark in florida is that they migrate. They normally feed on smaller fishes and shallow water creatures. In Florida this is the kind of shark that is frequently caught when fishing. While they are seen as small sharks, they are also considered to be somehow a threat to humans.

2. Scalloped Hummerhead:

They are called humnerheads because of their appearance. They have a hummer on their head with a dent. They are relatively small sharks with their average length being 200 for a productive male or female. They feed on mostly fish and sometimes small octopuses and invertebrates. Scalloped hammerheads females get a pregnancy that can last for 10 months. They give birth to their young ones when they are alive. They have a tendency to stay in huge schools. They are not very harmful to humans. They are quite similar to the gray hummer head and the white hammerhead.

3. Bonnet Head:

They have a small shovel shaped head. Their main source of food is the crustaceans, shrimps and small fishes. They are normally found in gray, white and brown colors. They are normally found close to the shore with an average size about 100cm with the longest being 150cm. They are totally harmless to humans.

4. Lemon:

This kind of shark has a short small nose with big eyes. They feed mostly on small fishes but they also feed on invertebrates. They also feed on small birds. They give birth to living young ones and their pregnancy is about 12 months. They are born in shallow water and they can stay for 15 years to be sexually mature. Their outer color is mostly Yellow-brownish. They can grow up to a maximum length of 320cms and an average length of about 250cms and they are potentially harmful to humans.

5. Nurse:

The Nurse kinds of sharks in Florida have broad and a flat face. They feed mostly on snails and small fishes. They can give birth to 28 sharks. They are mature at about 230cm. They are yellow brown and gray in appearance. They can reach a maximum length of 420cm with the average being 300cm. They are totally harmless to humans though they can be easily scared.

6. Sandbar:

Sandbars are medium sized sharks that feed on small fish crustaceans and mollusks. Their upper body is gray with white middle surface and dusky colored fins. They can grow up to a maximum size of 300cm. They are totally harmless to humans.

7. Blacknose:

This kind of shark found in Florida are slim and with a somehow long snout. They majorly feed on small fishes. They mature very fast, normally in2 years. They are mostly grayish or green on color. They grow to an average length of 125cm and weigh about 10kg. Males reach maturity at about 90cm and females at 105cm .They are totally harmless to humans.