Kinds Of Terrier Dogs

There are different kinds of terrier dogs to choose from if you want energetic companions that can keep up with the most active individual. Some of the popular types in North America are the Airedale terrier, Norfolk terrier and Cairn terrier. Typically selfish when it comes to the attention of their owners, terriers are known to show impatience towards other dogs and pets in general.

The kinds of terrier dogs are classified according to their size and main function in the household.

Hunting terriers stay true to their name, which literally means’earth’, indicative of their main purpose in the early days, which is to follow quarry into their underground nests. Hunter terriers are muscular and quick, and have a lot of endurance. They are also extremely trainable, and will not show extreme excitement during a hunt, which might scare away prey. Nowadays, some terriers are kept by hunter families to help with finding or trailing foxes, vermin, pests and sport animals. As most kinds of terrier dogs are small, they can burrow underground to find these animals in their holes. Some examples of these burrowing terriers are Patterdale and Jack Russell. Cairn, Scottish and West Highland terrier dogs are still used as hunting dogs.

Hunters are differentiated from their main purpose in the hunting group. Fell terriers are animals that are trained to recognize and kill pests like vermin and foxes. Hunt terriers are for recognizing the signs of fox presence and for alerting the human hunters when a fox is around.

Some of the more popular kinds of terrier dogs include the small toy breeds. These are more suited as pets than hunting companions because of their size and general disposition. Some examples of these terriers are the Yorkshire and English Toy terrier dogs. While easily trained in household rules, these dogs are still sprightly and feisty, and would rather be the only pet of the family. The active terrier takes a lot of getting used to, especially if there are other pets already in the family.

Bull Terriers originated from early hybridization and combinations of bulldogs and terriers. Later on, these kinds of terrier dogs were given their own classification and are now included in dog shows. Some popular examples are the Pit Bull terrier and Staffordshire terrier.

Many dog owners would appreciate the kinds of terrier dogs that can double as working dogs when the need arises. These dogs are energetic and their breeds are extremely used to working in rugged terrain, but they have beautiful coats that can be brushed and groomed like regular toy dogs. If you’re looking for these kinds of terrier dogs, several types come to mind.

The Australian Terrier. A native of Australia, these terriers are great as guard dogs and can be a great and responsible companion for a single elderly person. Australian Terriers are naturally affectionate and have thick coats that don’t shed during warmer months.

The Lakeland terrier is an ancient English breed developed by early settlers and famers as companion dogs. They are used to hunting and accompanying shepherds on nightly rounds. The Lakeland terrier is brave but more quiet than other kinds of terrier dogs.