Kinds Of Terriers

Dog fans are certainly used to hearing the word ‘terrier’, since many of their beloved dog friends belong to that category. In fact, there are more than sixty different kinds of terrier breeds, some of them being more famous, and some less.
The word ‘terrier’ comes for the Latin word terra, which means earth. The name actually describes the dogs’ area of activity, that area being beneath the earth; digging underground holes so that they catch foxes and ferrets in their hideouts, and mobilize them for the sake of their masters. Today there are kinds of terrier for every kind of taste. Small-sized terriers to big-sized; all of them smart, energetic, and courageous. Personally, I find small terriers to have more interesting personalities and be more enjoyable as pets.

One of the smallest kinds of terriers is the Yorkshire: its height ranges from 18 to 23 cm and its weight does not exceed 3,5 kg. The Yorkshire’s body is covered with straight long hair and forms a kind of parting on its back. It has a tiny head with red-blond hair, small dark eyes, stretched ears that form a V-shape. Historically the Yorkshire terrier first appeared in the 19th century, when British miners wanted a small-sized breed of dogs that would hunt rats away from the miners. Another oral tradition tells the story of hunting terriers following their Scottish masters in Northern England, where they were interbred with smaller breeds, so that they would eliminate small rodents. Despite being a companion dog, one easily understands that the Yorkshire is highly energetic with hunting instincts that should not be underestimated.

Among the various kinds of terriers, the highland white terrier stands out for its cuteness and origin, which comes from the western plateaus of Scotland, also known as highland. It is dog that enjoys hunting bunnies, foxes, deers and ferrets, while maintaining a charming personality at the same time. It weighs 7 to 10 kg, and its height is no less that 25 cm and no more than 28 cm. It is always white in color, it has dark eyes, small pointy ears, and short muscular legs. This kind of terrier is for sure an ideal companion and a skilled guard dog.

As far as the fox terrier goes, it is a British kind of terrier used in fox hunting. It can either have tough or soft hair. Its snout is square-like, and it has deep penetrating eyes.
The fox terrier is a strong, muscular body that enjoys physical exercise.

Last but not least, the bull terrier is probably the most imposing of the other kinds of terriers. It was first used in fights with bulls and then in dog fights – which have supposedly been forbidden by law since 1835. Despite its rebellious character and its angry looks – muscular body, triangular head, little eyes, and short hair -, it is an ideal house companion and a perfect watch dog for kids.

In conclusion, all kinds of terriers are both active and adorable, and one need not think twice when getting one.