Kinds Of Tigers In India

There can be two major kinds of tigers in india. Tigers are deemed as the biggest of all cats. Most of them live and search for food alone. They courageously catch and eat meat. Their babies are known as cubs. In the land of India, tigers reside in dry forests, grasslands and evergreen hills. There are only few kinds of tigers in ndia and they like to stay in grasslands and in overgrown weeds in the forest because unlike lions, they are more mysterious, solitary and do not prefer open countries.

Several years ago, a total of eight various sub-species of tigers wandered throughout Asia. For this reason, they were named after the areas where they resided. This is the same to the kinds of tigers in india, they were names according to where they reside. Sadly, three out of these eight sub-species are already extinct and only five of these sub-species remain. The three extinct sub-species include the Caspian, the Bali and Javan tigers. Tigers are actually one of the most endangered species of animal in the world.

Bengal Tiger

Among the kinds of tiger in india is the Bengal Tiger is the most well known. This is found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and some parts in Myanmar. There are approximately three thousand of these which are still alive today. This kind of tiger resides mostly in mangrove swamps located in West Bengal. They also live in thick forests, steppe and in frosty coniferous jungles of Himalayas. Bengal tigers usually live fifteen to twenty years in the wild. This animal’s roar sound is quite audible since it can be heard even you are three kilometers far from where it is.

Panthera Tigris

The Panthera tigris is regarded as the most diverse tiger subspecies. Since there are many of them in the land, it is regarded as part of the few kinds of tigers in india. As a matter of fact, India is considered the haven to the world’s biggest population of tigers in the wild.

Tigers are carnivorous. They certainly hunt for prey through the help of sound or sight. All kinds of tiger in india and anywhere in the world feed on different species such as rhinos, birds, wild pig, young elephants, monkey, bovid, crocodiles, deer, bears, leopards etc. Countless of years ago, tigers used to live all over Southern Asia. However, since more and more people were hunting them and various trees from the forests were cut down; there are only very few areas in Asia where tigers may be found. For this reason, it is high time for us to do something to save the remaining species of tigers before they become totally endangered.

Tigers are so amazing because they can adapt easily. Some of them can reside in wintry places such as Siberia as well as in hot locations such as the dense rainforests in Malaysia. Furthermore, tigers can be found in different habitats like evergreen forests, grasslands, subtropical and tropical jungles as well as in mangrove swamps. In the land of India, tigers can be found in the country’s 19 states. The country aims to protect the habitats of tigers; the forests are marked off as Wildlife Sanctuaries, Tiger Reserves and National Parks which they also called as Protected Areas. At present, there are a total of 39 Tiger Reserves found in this country.