Kinds Of Tigers In The World

Tigers are one of the most magnificent species of cat in the animal kingdom and sadly one that is headed towards extinction. There are a lot of different kinds of tigers in the world, namely the Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, Malayan Tiger, Indochinese Tiger, South China Tiger and Sumatran Tigers. Let us take a quick look at these beautiful beasts and try to understand a little more about these animals.

Siberian Tiger –

The Siberian Tigers have a muscular body, strong forelimbs and a large head and they have small and rounded ears. Their color shades vary from orange to brown and they have black stripes. They are one of the most special kinds of tigers in the world as there stripe patterns is unique and different for every animal, similar to the human fingerprints. They are usually found in the colder regions.

Bengal Tiger – (Panthera Tigris Trigris)

These kinds of tigers in the world are only found in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh and are known to have around 9 subspecies; 3 of which are already extinct. The number of Bengal Tigers is among the highest numbers of living tigers in the world, amounting to about 2500. They usually are found in tropical grasslands, mangroves, scrub and deciduous forests. The male species are much heavier as compared to the female tigers and usually weigh up to 570 pounds as compared to the 400 pound female tigers.

Indochinese Tigers – (Panthera Tigris Corbetti)

The Indochinese Tigers are smaller in size and darker in color as compared to the Bengal tigers. These kinds of tigers in the world are found in Asian countries like Thailand, China, Laos, Vietnam and Burma. The females grow up to 310 pounds and male tigers grow up to 420 pounds in weight.

Malayan Tigers – (Panthera Tigris Jacksoni)

The Malayan Tiger is only found in the southern Malay Peninsula. They are the smallest species of tiger with the male tiger weighing about 200 pounds and the female tigers weighing about 170 pounds. These kinds of tigers in the world are very rare and only about 500 of these animals left in the Malaysian Jungles.

Sumatran Tiger – (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae)

These tigers are only found in the island of Sumatra in Indonesia and are almost extinct. They are also relatively small as the prey found in the Sumatran jungles is usually smaller as compared to the other animals in the wild, hence are unable to get enough food for their actual size, stunting their growth.

South China Tigers – (Panthera Tigris Amoyensis)

These kinds of tigers in the world are the most extinct species of tigers. They are comparatively small in size and grow up to 390 pounds (males) and 260 pounds (females) There are just about 100 of these tigers left in the wild and about 59 of them are under captivity.

Apart from the above species of tigers, there are other species that are actually hybrids from mating tigers with other species of animals. Some of the common ones are white tiger, tigon, liger and golden tigers.