Kinds Of Woodpeckers

There are many different kinds of woodpeckers that have been recognized and recorded. The various kinds of woodpeckers may be found in backyards or may be found in dense tropical jungles. There are many kinds of woodpeckers that have been integrated into urban life. But there are many kinds of woodpeckers that are dying out because of their inability to adapt with rapid growth of the human civilization. There are around 200 species of woodpeckers found in the world today. Out all the species there are a few that are endangered. Two of the woodpecker species have been declared as extinct.

The woodpecker species are generally location specific. Different parts of the world have different species although there are some that can be found all around the world. A few common as well as location specific kinds of woodpeckers are:

– Crimson bellied woodpecker- the head, neck and breast of this species is a signature red color while the rest of the body is black and may have white spots. These are found mostly in South America.

– Crimson crested woodpecker- only the head of this woodpecker is red while the rest of its body is black with distinctive white markings. These woodpeckers are also found in South America.

– Pale billed woodpecker- this woodpecker has striking similarity with the crimson crested woodpecker but its beak is of a lighter color and markings on its body are also much different. They are also found in South America.

– Bennett’s woodpecker- this species is generally found in Africa. These birds have red coloration on their head and neck but their bodies have brown/yellow and black stripes.

– Nubian woodpecker- as the name suggests these are found in parts of Africa. These birds have red crowns, brown backs with white specks and white chest with black or brown specks.

– Cinnamon woodpecker- this bird has a cinnamon colored body with an underbelly of a lighter color. They may at times have red cheeks. These are found in most parts of South America.

– Rufus woodpecker- native to the Indian subcontinent the Rufus woodpecker has a rusty red coloration. They also have black stripes on their backs and tail.

– American three toed woodpecker- as the name suggest they are found in parts of North America. They have three toes instead of the regular four toes. They have black bodies while their wings have white stripes. Their underbellies are white. The male of the species have a distinct yellow cap.

– Green woodpecker- this is a striking woodpecker which is found in Europe as well as Asia. The bird’s body has a yellowish underbelly, yellow rump, red crown, black patches around the eyes and the rest of its body is predominantly green.

These are merely a few of the known kinds of woodpeckers in the world. It is speculated that there are many more species of woodpeckers which are unknown to mankind. With more in depth research more species are coming to the forefront.