Kinds Of Car Batteries

A car battery is usually used to start up the car, power the lights and provides power to all electrical devices. All kinds of car batteries are chargeable but only after it has been stored for a long time and a draw on the battery accidentally drained it. There are different kinds of car batteries an individual can choose from and determine which is suitable for the intended car and the circumstances.

Wet Battery

The flooded battery as it sometimes called is one of the most famous kinds of car batteries available in the market. Its popularity is due to its low price ranging from $50-$100. This design uses plates which are insulated from each other, freely suspended and the negative terminals are completely sealed in a separate bag thus no gas replacement required. The car fluid in it will last until the battery dies, therefore, you don’t keep on topping it; its maintenance free

Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA)

The VRLA car batteries simply describe the pressurized safety valves found on the battery box. The gas contained in the battery will mix and form water hence there is no loss of fluid. There are two types of this VLRA battery: AGM and GEL. GEL battery is characterized by silicon; making acid more solid and gel like. These kinds of batteries are very good only that they are not suitable for starting a car. The AGM batteries are associated with absorbed glass matt. The matts are thin thus keeps the internal resistance very low. Due to this fact, these kinds of car batteries are very suitable for starting a vehicle as they produces a lot of power from a very low volume. They come with an affordable price ranging from $50-$300 depending on the brand.

Calcium Battery

These kinds of car barriers have calcium alloys on different charged plate. The calcium alloys simply decreases the total amount of fluid loss and its rate of self discharge is much slower. You can simply damage the cat battery in case overcharging is done. Bubbles moving in the fluids are very essential as they are the ones responsible for acid densities mixing.

Deep Cycle

These kinds of car batteries will provide power energy for a quiet long period of time. They are usually used on golf carts, electric cars or on small boats. The capacity charge of these batteries is very high because of their thicker plates inside the batteries. They are not common with the cars as the batteries have a high discharge rate making them run out very quickly. If you rarely use your car, these kinds of batteries don’t get a sufficient charge. They are also used to collect and keep solar and wind power. These kinds of car batteries are a bit expensive, they start from $200.

Lithium Ion Battery

These types are used purposely for electric cars due to the fact that they are lighter. These batteries are expensive starting from about $1000. Some of high performance vehicles or limited edition cars like the fuel guzzler Porsche model use these kinds of car batteries to start off their engines.