Kinds Of Car Racing

Car racing is nothing but the craze in case of few people. There are several kinds of car racing depending on the map, time duration and car types. Along with this, kinds of car racing are categorized on the basis of diverse variations, pathways, difficulty levels, and barriers included in between the tracks. Let’s take a close look on kinds of car racing.

1) Stock car

2) Drift

3) Baja

4) Autocross

5) Street

6) Indy

These are some basic kinds of car racing. Along with this there can be many other kinds of car racing that include formula racing, touring car racing, production car racing, and sports car racing.

Car racing can be the most affectionate game for most of the divers as well as viewers. People choose this game just because of the speed factor involved in it. Competition could be another reason why many people like car racing. France, it is a pioneer country of car racing. Gradually all other countries started following car racing after seeing the growing popularity of this game into France.

Formula racing:

Formula racing is well-known as single seater racing. Only one driver operates the overall competition. There can be more than ten cars into one formula car race. This type of car racing is further divided into two categories.

1) Formula one or F1:

It is an international race. Car riders from several countries take part into this race. Most of the car race lovers like this race to great extent than any other kind of car racing.

2) Formula 3 or F3:

This type of racing is slightly less popular than F1 racing. Most of F3 races are domestic events. Though the race is limited for the home ground, many people like watching F3 races also.

In the U.S., Indy Car series is one of the most popular formula car racings. Besides Indy car series, GP2 (or F2) is a famous car racing event. Single seater racing includes one more type which is inexpensive and consists of simple monitor tracks. This type of racing is called as kart racing.

Touring car racing:

Full-contact racing gets to see in this type of racing. People prefer watching this race simply because of the great gridirons and minimal minute differences into the speed.


a) World touring car championship

b) V8 supercars

c) British touring championship

Sports car racing:

These kinds of race include closed circuits of track. The longest distance for sport car racing is considered as 1000 kilometers. In such big tournaments, two-three drivers get switched after every one or two hours. Sports car racing include time span of one full day.

Production car racing:

Production car racing includes many rules at the same time. These kinds of car racing are considered as inexpensive. These are also regarded with another name of showroom stock. Production car racing is less popular as compared to those sports car racing or formula racing.

People enjoy watching these kinds of car racing. Along with the aforesaid types there are many other types included into the car racing.