Kinds Of Windows 8

There are three kinds of windows 8 operating system. These are: windows 8(for consumers), windows 8 pro (for enthusiasts and professionals), windows 8 enterprise edition and the windows 8 ART.

People with experience with the previous windows operating systems, like windows 7, will find windows 8 easier to choose from the available kinds of windows 8 because the options have been narrowed down to just four. Actually there are only two to choose from which are windows 8 for consumers and windows 8 for professionals, you will only consider the other two, windows RT and windows Enterprise edition when you have a special niche that require one of these kinds. Windows RT does not really count when choosing from the available kinds of windows 8 because they come pre-installed into the devices they run in (ARM based tablets or PCs).

Windows 8 Enterprise is unpredictable because it has all the features that window 8 pro has and other additional features that make the management of IT businesses simpler. Some of these features are advanced security, virtualization and deployment. Not many details are available to explain deeply the difference of windows 8 pro and windows 8 Enterprise.

It is clear that, generally, there are two basic kinds of windows 8 to choose from which windows 8 for consumers and windows 8 are for professionals.

Windows 8 for consumers will come with a fully functional desktop and and also a start screen and its applications though it does not come with Microsoft office. You will have to buy and install Microsoft office yourself if you need it. The downside of this kind of windows is that is uses a lot of power so the battery will not last as long as it used to.

Windows 8 for professionals is targeted to small business owners and enthusiasts who want all the features of windows 8 they can get. This kind of windows 8 has all the features that are available in windows 8 consumer edition plus additional features that are geared to make the work of an IT organization easier to handle. For instance, windows 8 pro supports virtual hard drives, remote desktop, data encryption and other features that are normally not useful for home users.

All kinds of windows 8 have no support features for playing DVDs because DVD drives are vanishing in tablets and laptops are becoming thinner. But you have the ability to add DVD features whenever you need to.

Windows 8 enterprise edition is sold to businesses by a license agreement. Windows 8 Enterprise offers ability to help technicians handle large networks with ease. It is a kind of windows 8 professional edition with additional technical programs.

There are several advantages of upgrading your windows to windows 8. The performance of windows 8 is highly improved, faster and cheaper than previous windows operating systems. You should also be careful because windows 8 comes with a new look with a lot of changes to how you communicate with your computer. If the features are complicated for you to use, then you might want to stick to the operating system that you are used to.