Kinds Of Windows Os

You will hardly come across a person who uses computers and isn’t aware about the various kinds of windows OS. Right from a home based user to a professional who uses various computer programs to get his work done needs many of the windows OS programs. Windows program was launched in the early 80’s by Microsoft founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Since its inception the windows operating systems (OS) has been constantly evolving to improve the output of all your programs that a user needs.

Let us take a quick look at the 9 different kinds of windows OS that are used around the world

Windows 1

This was the first launch in the windows OS series and had 4 different versions. Windows 1.01 (release Nov 1985), Windows 1.02 (released May 1986), Windows 1.03 (released Aug 1986) and Windows 1.04 (released April 1987are the different kinds of window OS systems under Windows 1. All of the other windows OS, Windows 1 was the longest supported yet with a good run of 16 years until Dec 2001.

Windows 2

Windows 2 was introduced in Dec 1987 and was the successor of Windows 1. A sophisticated interface, introduction of the minimize/maximize options, VGA graphics, allowing windows overlapping were the best features in Windows 2.

Windows 3

Windows 3 was introduced in May 1990 by Microsoft and it was the successor of windows 2. This OS was one of the most successful operating systems of all times. The print manager, file manager and program manager were some of the most widely acclaimed features in these kinds of windows OS. This OS had multitasking abilities and a lot of other apps like notepad, paintbrush, word processor etc were introduced.

Windows 95: 1995-2001

This OS was known as Windows 4 in its development stages however it was later changed to Windows 95. This was the program that integrated the MS-DOS and the other Windows OS together in one system. This was the first OS to introduce the start menu, taskbar and the close button.

Windows 98

Windows 98 was the first graphical OS and one of the widely used programs in all of the OS. These kinds of windows OS launched the DVD discs reading option, ability to shut, USB connection and quick the launch bar options.

Windows ME

The Millennium Edition is a graphical operating system from Microsoft was launched in Sept 2000. This was the last operating system that was launched in Windows 9x series and targeted home PC users. These kinds of windows OS had an updated interface but sadly was one of the least run programs and had a short shelf life of a year.

Windows XP

The XP in windows XP stands for the word ‘EXPERIENCE’, which Microsoft highlighted for the advanced user experience. This operating system was introduced to the world by Microsoft in the year 2000 and is one of the best and fastest selling windows operating systems. The 2 main editions were home edition and the XP pro.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista was released in Nov 2006 and had an updated search option feature, better security, enhanced multimedia tools due to which editing videos became easier.

Windows 7

This is one of the most popular used OS at this point of time and is super fast and user friendly. It introduced the windows touch and flip option at its launch in the year 2009.

Windows 8

The newest kinds of Windows OS are the windows 8, launched in 2012. It introduced new features like a unique interface and tiles based on touch, mouse and keyboard options. Since this is fairly new and the concept is different from the other OS, there is a lot of confusion regarding the interface; however this is by far the best and fastest OS from windows.