Kinds Of Seeds In Minecraft

There can be numerous kinds of seeds in minecraft. Minecraft is regarded with great approval from all over the world and many people love playing it. What is interesting about this game is that it gives you a chance to explore your creativity as you construct things. The game is developed in such a way that when you start the game, a 3D grid appears on the screen. This game world has all sorts of materials that you can use to construct things. Only your creativity can limit you in what you can construct.

Seeds are random and radically distinct numbers that are assigned and stored for every new minecraft created. They are like addresses for minecrafts that have been saved and one can share with other minecraft lovers.

When using minecraft seeds make sure that you type the IDs correctly because they are case sensitive. Have the “Generate Structures” on while you create new seeds. There are basically over a trillion seeds available in minecraft, we will only see some. Here are some of the kinds of seeds in minecraft:

Artomix seed:

This seed is found in the Giant Survival Island. In this kind of minecraft seed, there is an Island that is surrounded by water all round. Some features of this seed is building a shelter before dark and swimming to move from the island.

Minecraft Jungle Temple Seed:

The key characteristic of this seed happens at the spawn point. The temple is located in the jungle and provides shelter in the night. What are interesting are the traps that you can get there.

Minecraft Desert Village Seed:

In this kind of minecraft seed there is a desert village, a plain, a lake and when you spawn, you will find a little desert village.

Minecraft Tropical Island Seed:

There are some nice tropical islands in the seed and a stronghold in the biggest island.

Minecraft Horse Seed:

This seed has the characteristics of grassland with horses and donkeys. There are many different types of grassland of these kinds in the seed. You just spawn and move for about 30 seconds and you are there.

Massive Crater Seed:

In this seed there is a big hole in the ground you will spawn near the hole.

With this kind of minecraft seed with a crate, you can have coal and iron ores there. The hole might have been dug with a bomb thrown there.

Minecraft Large Natural Canyons Seed:

If you have loved the natural canyon seed, then you will definitely love this. Once you enter the coordinates, you will find a big canyon.

Minecraft Huge Mushroom Biome Seed:

You will like this seed very much. Jungle biome is the spawn. The mushrooms are very big.

2 Girls One Cup Seed:

There are many mountains and hills in this kind of minecraft seed. You can spawn easily the in the sides of the hills or at the bottom or its sides. There are many curves to be found in the entire starting area.

This is not a complete list of seeds as there are many seeds there. Explore to find out more and experiment with them.