Kinds Of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the second to the most recent version released by Microsoft Windows, the most commonly-used computer operating system. There are six kinds of windows 7 versions, whereas its predecessor Windows Vista has five. Five different editions did not make up for the overall lackluster performance of Windows Vista; fortunately, the same cannot be said for Windows 7. Lauded by patrons and experts alike, Windows 7 boasts a total reinvention with increased speed, a cleaner interface, the absence of irrelevant programs, and overall stability, not to mention seven different kinds tailored to every possible kind of Windows user.

When choosing the best kind of Windows 7 edition, it is important to take note of two factors. First is the price or affordability: how much are you willing to spend, and what edition best fits into your budget? User needs come in second: what features are you looking for, and what is the best kind of operating system to help you work most efficiently?

Here’s a list of the different kinds of Windows 7 to help make up your mind:

– Windows 7 Starter – The starter is the very basic kind of Windows 7. Featuring a capacity to run only three applications at a time and the inflexibility of desktop themes and wallpapers, this edition is the most suitable kind for users of netbooks and computers with very limited memory and capability.

– Windows 7 Home Basic – The Windows 7 Home Basic edition is an impressive step-up from the starter version. This kind of Windows 7 has far more superior graphics, considerably more programs and a mobility center that allows network management. Originally intended for ’emerging markets’ or developing countries, Windows 7 Home Basic is now available to over a hundred and forty countries.

– Windows 7 Home Premium – This edition of Windows 7 contains all the features present in both the starter and home basic versions, with a few other perks thrown in. It contains Windows Aero, Home Group Creation, Windows Media Center, and other applications that allow users to both join and create a home network. Due to its advanced functionality, the Windows 7 Home premium edition costs more than the Home Basic version, and is available for purchase all over the world.

– Windows 7 Professional – Based on its name, this is the professional kind of Windows 7, created specifically for owners of small businesses and technology enthusiasts. For this edition, Windows has added increased networking capabilities and superior data protection, enabling it to be the suitable version for small businesses and for individuals who work from home.

– Windows 7 Enterprise – Targeting the enterprise segment of consumers and users, or individuals belonging to business companies, organizations, schools or government offices, this highly advanced kind of Windows 7 features Multilingual User Interface (MUI) support, Applocker, Direct Access, and other security-enhancing features to aid in the effective management of softwares, applications and usage in the corporate world.

– Windows 7 Ultimate – The Windows 7 Ultimate is the big, bad boy of the Windows 7 franchise. Containing the best and most advanced features out of all six editions, this kind of Windows 7 is also reasonably the most expensive.