Kinds Of Cell Phones

In today’s era, the human race is surrounded with different kinds of cell phones. The cell phones have now become a necessity instead of terming it as a luxury. The continuous demand for the cell phones has generated a new market which is now producing almost every type of mobile phone ranging from reasonably priced mobile which caters to have limited features to tech sense, multi functioning and expensive kinds of cell phones. The different kinds of cell phones have the means to save an enormous quantity of data including the music files. The smart phones, which are now reaching the peak of success, are offering internet access through the Wi-Fi or via paid internet data plan. The latest feature offered by the cell phones is the communicating device without actually using the speaker.

Different kinds of cell phones can be distinguished from one another by their names. For example, the conventional phones and the smart phones is a sort of difference among the huge kinds of cell phones.

Conventional Phones:
They are one of the kinds of cell phones that are catering the human race for a very long time. The conventional phones are designed in this way that the layout of the cell phone and the key pad is qwerty and are very much familiar to the old traditional phones. The software installed in these cell phones has limited features but serves to be functional. This software includes the calendars, address book, alarm clocks, reminders and a certain type of basic features. Some of these conventional phones also include the internet access and some of the other appended features; however it can be rightly said that this is not the primary purpose of the cell phone.

Smart Phones:
These kinds of cell phones can also be rightly said as a miniature type of computer. These cell phones though are used for the basic purpose of the cell phone such as making calls and exchanging texts, but these cell phones have a mass of different features too. The essential quality of these cell phones is this that they can get connected to the internet through any available signal of the Wi-Fi or with the available network provided by the cell phone company. This particular internet connection can be easily used to check mails, browse the web and a lot of things. Games have gotten typically very advanced in the smart phones and can also be played in the 3D version. These cell phones are also offering applications, through which one can check the directions, take the weather updates, go shopping and many other amazing features.

All kinds of cell phones cater to have their own advantages and disadvantages. a typical conventional phone can be helpful to those people who only need the cell phone for its basic purpose that is to make the calls while the smart phone can widely cater the needs of the people who require to be linked to the internet almost every time. The other features of the smart phone serve as the additional features for customers of the smart phones. The finance and the personal preference are other factors which come into play once the person is going to buy a cell phone.