Kinds Of Windows For Homes

Windows can be one of the decoration items used in the field of interior designing. There are different kinds of widows for homes and offices. Windows play the vital role in maintaining freshness inside the house. It allows natural light to enter inside the house. One can use any style and form of windows. Some popular and widely used kinds of windows for homes are explained here.

Kinds of windows for homes are:

1) Double-Hung Windows

2) Casement Windows

3) Awning Windows

4) Picture Window

5) Transom Window

6) Slider Windows

Now, let’s take a deep look on each of these types.

Double-Hung Windows

Two sashes are engaged into double-hung windows. These sashes could glide up and down into vertical direction inside the frame. There is a huge space to open these windows widely. The top side or bottom side of window is made to open broadly.

There is one more type related to the double-hung windows which is called as single-hung window. In this type, summit part of the window remains inactive whereas base part could slide perpendicularly up and down.

Casement windows:

The operation of casement windows is fixed on the mechanism of eccentric turning. These windows open outward either to the left or to the right side. Among other kinds of windows for homes casement windows allow extra freshness and light inside the house. These windows can be used in offices also. Besides this, these windows are less expensive than other kinds of windows for homes.

Awning windows:

These windows have provision to open outward. These can be opened either to the left side or to the right one. The summit portion of these windows is hinged. These windows provide minimal ventilation as compared to the other kinds of windows for homes.

Picture windows:

In case of picture windows, one can receive a deep look of outer world. Along with this, these windows allow highest amount of light than any other form of window.

Transom window:

These windows are used for obtaining higher amount of light. These windows have narrow shape. These can be stationary or sliding.

Slider windows:

Many of the modern house decorating designs includes slider windows. These windows allow excellent sliding into horizontal direction. Many subcategories can be included into this type of window. Three separate combinations can be included into one design of slider windows. In case of slider windows, middle portion of window remains fixed or stationary while other two portions move horizontally. Modern designs of homes include slider windows just because these windows offer style along with the pragmatic use. As compared to other kinds of windows for homes slider windows are widely in use.

These are some common kinds of windows for homes. Windows can improve the beauty of house and thus they play crucial role in interior designs. According to the experts one should select appropriate form of window for their house. Windows can be replaced time to time; therefore changing their designs repeatedly could be an excellent idea in case of home renovation.