Kinds Of Diamonds

Learn kinds of diamonds. It is always good to have an idea of what you really want when it comes to shopping for expensive things like diamonds. This way, you will be able to make the right purchase. As most people who are knowledgeable about this precious item know, diamonds are not just about shape, brilliance, or carats. The price you pay is usually determined by the kind of diamond. Basically, there are two kinds of diamonds: the colored ones and the white ones. These diamonds are available in different shapes and sizes and are produced in mass by many mines in regions of the world. The colorless and the whitest diamonds are the most expensive kinds of diamonds.

For several years, the white kinds of diamonds have been regarded by many as the most precious ones. But the discovery of the Argyle mine changed this perception. The Argyle pink diamonds are revered by a lot of people all over the world. Though Brazil and India produce pink diamond, they are much lighter.

Argyle pink diamonds are much darker and are not common among other kinds of diamonds produced anywhere in the world. No wonder 95% of the deep pink diamonds are produced by the Argyle mine. It is the number one source for deep pink kinds of diamonds the world over.

Usually, the intensity of the color of the diamond determines its price. A paler pink diamond would normally be less expensive than a deep pink one. Deep pink diamonds are sold for up to $1 million a carat.
They are available in different shapes such as marquise, round brilliant, pear, and oval. Because of their scarcity and expensive nature, most sales of these kinds of diamonds are sold through international auction based only on invitation.

Champagne Diamonds
These kinds of diamonds are available in a wide range of colors. They are mostly graded according to scale The cognac Champaign diamond is usually graded as C7 while the dark champagne is graded as C5 – C6, the medium Champagne, C3-C4, and the light champagne C1-C2.

Pink Champagne
These kinds of diamonds are more expensive than the normal champagne pieces. They are available in 3 varieties of shades, from light to dark. These pieces can be very expensive and the darker ones might sell at the price close to the Argyle pink diamonds.

Yellow Diamonds
They also have different shades of yellow, from the light ones to the dark ones. Their price is also determined by the intensity of the color.
There are equally blue diamonds, available in different kinds of shades too.

White Diamonds                                                                                                                                         These are the most common of all kinds of diamonds. They are produced across mines all over the world and vary in shapes and sizes. There are some white diamonds that have little pinkish colors. These pieces are usually more expensive than the normal white pieces.

Simulation Diamonds
These are one of the cheapest of all diamond types. They look very much like the real diamonds but are lowly priced.

There are equally the moissanite and Cubic zirconia diamonds which are also synthetic and are found in small amounts. Someone who is not well knowledgeable about diamonds might find it very difficult to differentiate between the moissanite diamond and the real diamond.