Kinds Of Kindles

Read here about the kinds of Kindles. In 2007, introduced first Kindle an electronic book (E-book) reader and it quickly grabbed the masses attention. It helps the users to shop, browse, read and download newspapers, blogs, magazines, E-books and other media through wireless networking. If you frequently require reading a diversity of books, documents or magazines while in travelling, you may discover this device as a predominantly suitable source. Indeed, by the end of July 2010, the CEO Jeff Bezos proclaimed that the electronic books of kindles were selling more than conventional books (Hardcover books). Since its first release, the Kindle has been revised by different numeral alterations, but the main function remains unchanged: the Kindle is an electronic book reader that can save and hold hundreds and thousands of digital books that are smaller than a solo hardcover book. There are different kinds of kindles currently present in the market. All those kinds of kindles have some variations in designs or specifications but the core objective that is reading the E-books remains the same.

Some of the kinds of kindles are mentioned below in this article:

These kinds of kindles are mostly similar in function and design to the usual Kindle. They have diagonal screen of about 6 inches and dimensions of about 7.5 inches in height, 0.7 inches in thickness and about 5.4 inches wide. They have an E-Ink technology that helps it create a 16-level gray scale picture that even in sunlight they does not have any glare. These kinds of kindles have only Wi-Fi connection, and that is why in order to download, search and browse the digital content (Blogs, Newspapers, books etc) they need to be connected with Wi-Fi. They have couple of GB as an internal storage that can save up to 1,500 books approximately. These kinds of Kindles are the single one that does not support audio.

Kindle Touch:
These kinds of kindles have similar screen size as the original kindle that is six inches E- Ink screen. But they have touch screen technology which makes them different. On Tapping and swiping on the screen they allows you to turn the pages of your electronic book, to navigate easily from different menu etc. They also hold a bigger battery and have 3 GB of working memory. Apart from Wi-Fi, they also hold 3G support which gives the user an edge to download and browse the digital content from anywhere.

Kindle Fire:
These kinds of kindles are categorized as partially tablet and partially E-readers and that is why they are positioned and perceived by the users as having odd place in kindle product listings. These kinds of kindles have characteristics of 7 inches multi touch full color screen. They have android OS which allows it to run and download numerous applications in it and has about 6 GB of available memory. This gives an edge to the users to enjoy different applications as well with the core benefit. They have a powerful battery backup of about 8 to 9 hours while using. These kinds of kindles have this drawback that they come only in Wi-Fi connectivity, so in order to fully utilize it there should be active Wi-Fi connection.