Kinds Of Windows For Houses

When choosing from the kinds of windows houses can have, it is important to check the requirements of the part of your house that they are meant for in order to determine the most appropriate.

There are several kinds of windows for houses that are available in the market and here some are explained.

Hopper Windows:

This type of window is very common for the construction of the basement of houses. The advantage of using this kind of window for house is that if provides enough ventilation because it opens with its flipped side and moves inwards. One disadvantage of this kind of windowing is that it will cause problems when trying decoration because they open inwards making it hard to add blinds and curtains.

Bay Windows:

This kind of windows for houses is the most desirable when one is looking for internal comfort because they open outwards and they have a bigger open area on them because they bulge outwards. Their large area is also an advantage because they offer maximum view of the outside and maximum light into the house. One disadvantage with this type of window is that they do not come with blinds therefore prone to letting insects and pests inside the house.

Casement Windows:

These kinds of windows houses have are normally installed in places that are hard to reach. They are normally opened rarely. They are good is letting in side breeze because they open sideways. They are also tightly fitted maximum prevention of water and outside condition into the house once they are closed. Another advantage is that they are hard to break into.

The only disadvantage about this kind of window is that the hinges wear off from time to time and you might want to get a professional to fix it. If you are planning on moving to an old house, then you will have to check the hinges if they are in their proper working conditions.

Awning Windows:

The main function of this kind of window is to provide maximum light and ventilation. They are appropriate for those rooms that need privacy but still provide enough ventilation. You can choose from a variety of positions to place it. The only disadvantage of this kind of window is that they are prone to keep a lot of dust inside the house.

Double Hung Windows:

It has two parts which can be opened with sliding one part over another. It offers a flexibility of have either one open which is particularly good in case of where small children stay because you can open the part that is higher in order to prevent kids from falling over. They are also good for other places like offices and kitchens.

The downside for this kind of window is they way it lets in air even when it is closed.

Picture Windows:

The most likable thing about this type of window is that they offer maximum light without having to have the windows open. They offer a good view of the outside without any distractions.

The disadvantage with this kind of window is that they require large glasses without supporting frames therefore prone to breakage.